Oasis Tiles: Your Own Dream


Oasis Tiles : Your Own Dream

If your life is a ship, dreams would be the anchor that steer it towards the right direction. There’s a reason Oasis Tiles preaches the importance of dreams through its slogan - ‘Your Own Dream’. Because what you now know as Oasis Tiles - one of the largest ceramic tiles manufacturers in India - was once merely a small dream back when its foundation was first laid in 2007.

Dreams give meaning to life and it’s nothing but dreams that give you a reason to keep going. They give a purpose to your life and a reason for your existence. They allow you to create a difference and leave your mark behind. It is essential to be a dreamer all your life, for only someone whose dreams can work towards making great things come true.

Oasis Tiles aims at advocating the power of dreams through their products, services and also through their slogan. It is scientifically proven that the thoughts and frequencies we give out into the universe are directly related to our ambiance. Oasis Tiles helps you create houses that make you want to keep dreaming. Right from infusing positive and vibrant shades into your rooms to giving them a polished and shiny look, Oasis Tiles works towards building your dream house where you can gather all your positive ideas and start working towards making your other dreams come true.

To propagate the power and importance of dreams, Oasis Tiles has recently done a photoshoot with their brand ambassador Kriti Sanon where she is shown living in her own dream world inside her dream house.

Since Kriti’s office space is made with tiles that reflect success, Kriti has taken the first step towards being the boss or an entrepreneur and Oasis Tiles will give off the right vibe in her office space to motivate her to work towards making that dream come true. Roccia Tough Gem Tiles to the rescue!

All work and no fun makes the smile go away from Kriti’s face so here’s the poolside image of her dream house designed by Oasis Tiles where she can chill and unwind from her routine. A perfect spot to relax and summon all the creative ideas and dreams. The stylish Roccia Collection by Oasis Tiles is used here for the pool and patio tiles.

All in all, Oasis Tiles has come up with this initiative to support all the dreamers out there; to support you! Have faith in your dreams and one day, they will surely come true. Till then keep dreaming and find us at www.oasistiles.in where your dream house is waiting for you.