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Office Wall Tiles Design


Why Wall Tiles for Office

After your homes, you spend the most time of your daily routine in an office area which makes it essential to ensure that a workspace provides the right atmosphere suitable for work with the introduction of office wall tiles at Oasis, the job of making sure your office gives away the right kind of vibe has become easier. In this article, let's talk about Design Your Office With Latest Office Wall Tiles By Oasis Tiles!

How So?
● Cost & Maintenance
Unlike any painted wall, wall tiles are not easily subject to scratches or stains and the hassle of repainting can also be avoided with the use of wall tiles. The polished wall tiles are not only sturdy but also provide a neat finish to the room and make the furniture and all other small details stand out.

● Office Size
The use of large wall tiles can make a room look larger. Moreover, using the same tiles for the walls and floors can create an illusional effect which can make even small rooms appear large and spacious.

● Overall Work Atmosphere
The office wall tiles can be suited to the profession or the energy an office is intended to carry. In case of a profession like finance or consultancy services, the wall tiles could be more minimal, would probably have a lighter shade and larger size. The same in case of some creative or evolving business could go for a bold look where the tiled wall/s would be mixed and matched with painted ones and adorned with matching or contrasting frames to jazz up the look.

● Wall Tiles Design
Due to the wide variety of designs available right from the simple stone pattern to the beige colored ones, from the mosaic pattern tiles to the ones with a golden or contrasting negative space effect, there are enough wall tiles designs to suit the requirement of each and every office.

● Creating the First Impression
As compared to walls painted with texture, tiled walls serve a better purpose in creating the first impression about the type of work space and can go beyond the traditional role of serving as a place of work and discussion to giving the clients and employees an idea of the work culture, relationship with clients and the overall energy and vibrancy the office carries the first impression itself.

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