Right Way To Choose Tiles For Your Office


Tile Tips: Right Way To Choose Tiles For Your Office

Office spaces tend to play a major role in defining the culture of a company. Today, progressive companies encourage a work-life balance for their workforce. The equation always lies towards the work hours exceeding, so every company aims at building an environment that aids the employees to feel at home even after long hours of work.

How Should An Office Look Like?

An office space defines the culture and vibe of the company. There’s no perfection to it. It’s about putting tiles and bricks to an identity you’re trying to build and fitting all these pieces together to give life to open space. It’s highly important to have a seamless transition between work and home spaces so that your office space makes your employees feel comfortable at any time of the day. To do so, an office space requires the flexibility of colours and a variation of space decor that combine together into making an effective and lively office environment.

How Your Interior & Furniture Can Speak Volumes About Your Company

The tiles you pick for the walls and the floor along with the overall colours an office space carries speaks volumes about the company. As compared to walls painted with texture, tiled walls serve a better purpose in creating the first impression about the type of workspace and can go beyond the traditional role of serving as a place of work and discussion to giving the clients and employees an idea of the work culture, relationship with clients and the overall energy and vibrancy the office carries the first impression itself.

The office wall tiles can be suited to the profession or the energy an office is intended to carry. In case of a profession like finance or consultancy services, the wall tiles could be more minimal, would probably have a lighter shade and larger size. The same in case of some creative or evolving business could go for a bold look where the tiled walls would be mixed and matched with painted ones and adorned with matching or contrasting frames to jazz up the look.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Office Tiles

Overall Work Atmosphere

Stencil designs, tiled walls serve a better purpose in creating the first impression of the overall work atmosphere and can go beyond the traditional role of serving as a place of work and discussion.

Picking a Minimal Look vs Loud Colours

Modern designs don’t always mean an extensive set-up with a blend of various hues and colours. Minimalism works its charm in the best way to make any office space look more extravagant and classy. Any spacious office space with the least amount of furniture and simple designs for the floor as well as wall tiles can be the key to making your office area look more appealing and work-worthy.

Making a Statement

When you pick the right kind of tiles for your floor and walls that go well with the overall lighting and all other minor elements combined together, you can never fail to make a statement. The wall tiles designs and the overall look should be alluring enough to make someone want to settle in for work. The wisest choice would be to pick the designs that suit your office and work culture best.

Office Size

The use of large wall tiles can make a room look larger. Moreover, using the same tiles for the walls and floors can create an illusional effect which can make even small rooms appear large and spacious.

Wall Tiles Design

Due to the wide variety of designs available right from the simple stone pattern to the beige coloured ones, from the mosaic pattern tiles to the ones with a golden or contrasting negative space effect, there are enough wall tiles designs to suit the requirement of each and every office.

Oasis Tiles Shows Wide Options To Select The Perfect Tiles For Your Office Spaces

For instance, PGVT-GVT by Oasis Tiles is one of our latest full body vitrified tiles collections that are the perfect fit for decorating offices and commercial spaces such as malls, galleries etc. PGVT-GVT Collection also possesses rock-solid strength, long-lasting life and has a coating that provides an ease to walk in comparison to other tiles.

Here are some spellbinding designs from our Office Tiles Collection:

Sunset Gray

The true beauty of a tile is best measured by how well it compliments a space and how it amplifies its aesthetic feel. Sunset Gray is a GVT grey matt vitrified tile that crowns the space with an elegant appeal. The best advantage of Sunset Gray is its ability to adapt to any space with any colour palette. Its matt and neat finish creates a character for the place that makes the space look more lively.

Marbo Olive

Another captivating option for commercial spaces is Marbo Olive. Its subtle and well-groomed finish brings focus to the attributes of the space and enhances the overall beauty of it. Marbo Olive has an enchanting glossy finish with ombre colours that fits best for spaces with lighter shades if you want your tiles to be statement ones and also for darker spaces as in the image below. For people who fancy a neat and crisp office space, Marbo Olive works like a charm.

Concrete Coffee

With tiles, it’s very important to identify if the tile blends well with every space of your office. Concrete Coffee GVT Tile is one such tile that is designed with a subtle dust design with a coffee colour that often surprises you with its ability to refashion the space splendidly. This spectacular tile is one of the most ideal options for malls, hotels and gallery houses or in any place with white furniture as these tiles will enhance the flooring of the room.

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