Decorative Sanitary Ware For Your House


Sanitary ware to Enhance the Look of your House

India being a country with growing population, the need and demand of sanitary ware is also at a hike. There has been a tremendous change in the choices and lifestyle of people since the past few years and sanitary ware is no exception to this trend.

Moreover, it is expected for these changes to be continuous. Over time, what was just a basic necessity has now become much more than that.

Nowadays, people demand designer decorative sanitary ware that does just more than satisfying some basic necessity. It modifies the look of the entire toilet/ bathroom and adds an aesthetic visual appeal to it.

Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading tiles manufacturers in India, not only manufactures ceramic tiles but also offers various sanitary ware products that enhance the entire look and theme of your house.

A wash basin plays the key role in adding an aesthetic value to your house. It’s the element where you can try being artistic or bold since it acts like the art piece in your bathroom that can be customised to your wish and desires. A wash basin no longer plays a secondary role in interior designing.

In these days, a wash basin is designed to have an aesthetic impact, hygienic value as well as to serve towards the purpose of space utilization in the bathroom. Wash basins always help you out to give a desired look to your toilet/ bathroom.

Table Top Basins
Table top basins normally sit atop a vanity unit or a worktop which makes the basin appear like a separate bowl that can be picked up or moved. Table top basins can be customised to suit most bathrooms and are very widely used since they generally give off a very modern and luxurious look.

Wall Hung Basins
Wall hung basins are hung directly onto the walls, using brackets, to create a more minimalistic effect. Since they need not be accompanied by a table or counter top, they are space – friendly and especially useful in cases of small bathrooms or spaciously designed ones.

You can find out more about our products and browse through our various sanitary ware collections at Oasis Tiles