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What’s your impression of an ideal commercial space? What are the elements that you’d focus upon the most while designing an office? If you ask us, tiles play one of the most important roles in designing. Flooring plays a very subtle role in reflecting your brand’s personality. It forms an impression on the mind of your clients/customers.

The employees spent most of their day at work. The commercial space is almost like a second home. The vibe of the office space plays an important role in making the employee feel comfortable. Finding a perfect balance to match the vibe is a challenging job for any interior designer. Although there’s always freedom to experiment with new designs and trends, it is essential to keep the look and feel of the office subtle. The trends and choices keep changing from person to person and from time to time. Constant updates on the trends will help you meet your client’s expectations efficiently.

Today, we are going to share some insights on how you can use tiles to design and decorate a commercial space and what’s in trend.

What Makes Office Tiles Look Good?

When you decide to decorate or design a commercial space, your reasons play an important role in choosing a perfect office tile. Why are you using it, in which part of the office the tile will be placed, what decor you will use with it? For example, if you’re going to use one type of tile in just one little corner of the room or use it as a wall tile. If you are trying to make your office look spacious or decorative. When you are able to acknowledge these reasons you will be able to choose a tile that will make the best fit. It will give you the freedom to bring that vision to reality. One also needs to have an eye on the amount of footfall the office has. Picking a tile that is durable and scratch-resistant is as important as picking the one that will match the office theme or vibe.

Office Tile Trends

One of the main concerns while designing an office is to pick an office tile. There’s an array of choices available in the market but how do you know what’s the right one? We are going to share some tile trends that will help you know which will make the best fit for your office.

Office spaces are perfect when they look spacious and bright. You don’t really need a huge space to make it look spacious. Designers have the ability to play with the minds of people with the decor materials they pick. One style that is classic and evergreen is high gloss tiles that are rectangular. These tiles are shiny which instantly brightens up the office space and the shape of the office floor tiles will make it look spacious.

One more style that heavy in trend currently is, using a different type of tile for one little part or corner of the room. These unique tiles will make the other decor stand out which will give a brand new touch to your existing space.

How does the idea of a wall of fame sound to you? Office wall tiles will give a distinct look where you can put up your brand/ organization’s name. It will give the commercial space a very poised look. With a wide range of office wall tiles, we assure a durable and classy look for your working space.

Different Office Tiles

When we decide to keep our office space sleek and modern, decorative office tiles play an important factor. Due to the heavy footfall of traffic in a workspace, it is important to have the correct tiles for your office floors and walls. Hence, Ceramic tiles are a great option to consider for office floor tiles. It can be confusing to select tiles with a vast variety of options available in the market. Oasis tiles make sure that you have the right kind of tiles for the right space! There’s a wide range of office wall tiles as well as floor tiles that will give you multiple options to set a perfect vibe for your commercial space.

Best Collection Of Office Tiles

If shine is your choice, then tiles from our High Gloss collection is the perfect choice for you. This collection fit Offices as it gives a pristine finish to your office floors and shines with sophistication. The PGVT and GVT tile collection will make your office floor tiles look elegant and classy at the same time! If you are looking for something with impeccable finesse, our designer Sugar Finish tile collection is your ideal choice.

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