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Designing a new pool can be an overwhelming process, given all of the options available to homeowners these days. Choosing a tile for your pool might not sound like an important decision, but the tile you choose can have a big impact on your pool’s durability and overall appearance. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can go about choosing a pool tile that's right for you, like looking at different styles, finding good material, and visiting the Oasis Tiles’s store.

Why Add A Pool In Your House

Swimming pools are increasingly becoming common in upscale homes. Homeowners are installing swimming pools to give their homes a more elegant look. Apart from aesthetics, they also have a fun element as well. A swimming pool in your own backyard can be your luxurious and relaxing escape without going too far. For some people, the design of their pools is a reflection of what an ultimate getaway means for them.

Next, to your living room, the pool area can be the next best place to gather with friends and family in your home. In most months throughout the year, it can be a place to host birthday parties, barbecues or a simple catch-up dinner with friends. A well-thought-of design for your pool can make it an instant conversation piece. But choosing tiles for your pool is not as simple as it seems. Even the best contractors might not be able to meet your preferred style, colour and design.

Importance Of Picking The Right Pool Tiles

Having a pool in your house not only increases the value of the house monetarily but is also a way of adding a distinct type of appeal to your backyard. It’s a pristine, shining body of water accented by the flora and decor of your backyard. A suburban slice of paradise. In such cases, it becomes even more important to make your pool area aesthetic with pool area tiles and tiles for pool surrounds. To end this confusion, Oasis Tiles brings to you a Roccia Tiles collection, specifically for your pool area.

About Roccia Tiles

The decision for outdoor tiles is generally the most difficult of all. The tiles need to be heavy-duty and they must set an ideal mood for space. The Roccia collection is the solution to this confusion. These outdoor tiles are majestic yet tough. They are beautifully designed and perfectly crafted to give your space a fresh and designer look. The Roccia collection is the right amalgamation of ground-breaking technology and excellent designs. They enhance the look of your space and you would fall in love with the result at the end.

Tips To Choose Perfect Pool Tiles

Select The Right Design

You should select the right tile design that makes the pool look inviting and appealing. Consider selecting a tile that will complement the house decor. You can install plain tiles or decorative tiles depending on your preferences. Also, you can arrange plain tiles in an artistic manner to create a bold visual impact.

Styling And Theme

Choosing tiles for your pool can also be based on your style. Building a pool is a costly investment, but it will surely be a long-term one, it is just wise to make sure that it satisfies what you want to see on a daily basis. Like fashion, styles for the pool may come and go, but these are the ones that will never go out of style:


Some people say your swimming pool must be an extension of nature. That’s how the Greeks and Romans intended it to be when they first built their own luxury pools. For a natural look for your pool, using natural materials like stone tiles for the deck and coping can give you the feel you want to achieve. To match that, you can find glass pebble tiles that will make your pool look outstanding in the many years to come. With ceramic tiles, it will be fun to get them in gradient colours of blue or green to blend well with your stone tiles


You can choose a roccia tile for the steps, walls, and floor and add an attractive mosaic as a centre of attraction. Modern pools can now have the most intricate designs that can give your pool a touch of a luxurious underwater art piece.


Some people seek the ultimate relaxation from their pool area. Zen is among the most popular style for pools. With materials that exude calmness, serenity and relaxation, zen swimming pools let you become one with nature without the heavy and bulky looking stones and materials. It gives you light and modern feel without too many bright colours. Zen pools highlight the use of stone, landscape, wood and greens. Choosing these materials or colours in these hues can let you achieve a relaxing that zen pool style.


The colour of your pool tile is a personal choice, and there are a few guidelines that can help you make the best choice for your pool and its surrounds. Choosing light coloured tiles gives the pool a light blue colour and because light blue reflects the sun, it can make your pool appear larger than actual size. Dark coloured tiles create a mirrored, moody effect and dark green tiles can be quite captivating and change the whole atmosphere of your outdoor area.


Choosing your pool tiles can be as enjoyable as swimming, but it can also be as challenging to learn if you do not know the steps in selecting the right ones. And Oasis Tiles makes sure that choosing the right tile for you will definitely be an enjoyable journey. Never settle for less and put all these things in your consideration – budget, material, style, colour and application. To browse more of our swimming pool area tiles click here

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