Picking Designer Tiles For Your Bathroom


Picking Designer Tiles For Your Bathroom

A tiled shower adds beauty and value to your home and it is quite easy to tile your shower with designer bathroom wall tiles by Oasis Tiles.

The key formula to keep in mind while designing any bathroom is to make it a comfortable space that is also functional and easy to use. To design a perfect bathroom that caters to all your needs, you require a practical approach and more attention to detail. Before beginning with designing your bathroom with wall tiles, you need to have in mind a designed layout of your bathroom if it is not already built . Making a design plan would be the next step to selecting where your designer tiles would go best.

Oasis Tiles presents to you some tips on how to choose and use Designer Wall tiles for your Bathroom:

Generally when you start renovating or building your bathroom, you might have a must-have tile that would give you the right feel and appeal to kick start your process. While such a tile is mostly something really special, catchy or unique, it could also be something as simple as a white or neutral coloured tile. No matter the style of the bathroom wall tile, use it as your starting point and start picking the other designs with that in mind. That would be the first step to picking and designing your bathroom with designer bathroom wall tiles.

Taking your first must have tile as your starting point, use it to decide which other tile would either synchronise or contrast with the same. Now that we have told you that you should have a must have tile, it’s time to make it as the base of your decor while you work your way around out it. Take it as the base tile that influences your decision about other bathroom wall tiles. If your base tile is some unique colour or pattern, it is time to pull more subtle and neutral colours into your bathroom designwhere as you should have more colours and brighter textures around subtle and light base tiles and if you must have tile is some light shade , it is time to add some more colours and texture to your bathroom. You could also work up the bathroom by adding some unique element to it. One such idea would be using the designer bathroom wall tiles by Oasis Tiles that come with some really unique floral patterns and a variety of colours that can work well with any design you plan.

There are a ton of beautiful tiles out there and Oasis Tiles provides you with a wide range of bathroom wall tiles, right from the subtle ones to designer or patterned ones. Your bathroom is a perfect place to show off some of your personality and choices and you could freely play with colours and patterns. However try not to mess it up with too many tiles. It is always best to have one centre of attention, one show stopper rather than having to deal with multiple designer tiles in one design. This will make your bathroom design look timeless and will create a unique factor that won’t compete with the other elements in the room.

Factors like cost, maintenance and texture of the wall tiles should also be taken under consideration. It is also important to consider other factors like cost and maintenance into consideration. Also the texture of the wall tiles mattersince cleaning the bathroom should not be a chaotic task. Also, if you want to design a bathroom that is very trendy, you could use large scale tiles rather than smaller ones. All in all, it is necessary to make sure that your bathroom is unique and creative but comfortable and convenient to use at the same time.

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