The New Way to Design your Living Room


The New Way to Design your Living Room

There are a lot of things to consider when designing your living rooms. It could be something as simple as the position of the lights to something as complex as the texture and design of the backdrop, designing a house is an art in itself. Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading ceramic manufacturing companies in India, brings to you some quick tips to design your perfect living room. Presenting to you the new way to design your living room without hurting your pockets :

When it comes to any room, take a living room for an instance, it becomes important to decide the purpose of a room and arrange the furniture accordingly. If the family has kids, the furniture should be minimal to allow them more space to play while if the family hosts a lot of parties, there should be maximum seating space as possible. Whether or not the room has windows with a great view will also determine the way the furniture needs to be arranged and placed. Some other quick tips are using the natural focal points as the fireplaces, view or frames etc. as the style statements of a room.

The size of the room plays a key role in the way it should be designed. In a small living room, cramming with too much furniture is never a good option. In case of really large rooms, filling up the spaces can be a difficult task. This is where colours and lighting comes to the rescue. As a ceramic tiles manufacturer in India, Oasis Tiles has observed the general practice to make a room more appealing. A small room should never have dark or large furniture and should be enhanced with small and neutral shaded pieces.

It is better to avoid cramping up a passageway or entrances with furniture or other decorative pieces. Ensure that the guests entering have ample walking space and the room or passage should offer plenty of clearance for luggage bags and pets etc. Even in the case of plants, the guests shouldn’t need to fight past anything to enter the house so they should either be avoided or should be planned so as to occupy less space. When designing your room, you have complete control over how guests will move around the house. Place your furniture in a way that it doesn’t block the way and also leave enough space between the walls and furniture to provide sufficient walking space.

The main trick to infusing light in any room is to use as much natural light as possible. But it is also essential to not rely on any single source of light but to create multiple layers of light that intersect and blend with each other to give the room a unique effect. Oasis Tiles, one of the leading ceramic tiles manufacturers in India, has designed various polished and glazed tile ranges that bounce backlight and make the room look larger. Along with that, a combination of ceiling lights, sconces, floor lamps etc. can be used to blend multiple light sources. The corners of the room should be well-lit to strike a perfect balance. Using taller lights can make the ceiling look higher, thereby enhancing the overall image of the room.

Nothing can be as boring as a room with plain walls. Oasis Tiles brings to you a wide range of ceramic wall tiles in every possible shade, texture and finish to achieve the look that will perfectly go with your theme for the room. Being a ceramic tile manufacturer in India for over a decade, Oasis Tiles offers endless possibilities of creativity when it comes to decorating your wall spaces. You can either use an artwork and play with the lights to give the wall a subtle yet classy look or you could use photo frames or fancy wall tiles to add more character and life to your living room.

Here were some areas to focus on while designing your living room. For more information about our products and room decor, visit this site –