3D Wall Tiles Design Collection


Never seen before 3D Tiles collection by Oasis Tiles India

The world isn’t flat so your walls don’t have to be either. If your home or office looks a bit plain or dull, you can use 3D tiles to give it more life or character and make it look more interesting. The current trend is moving away from monochrome and picking designs that are either glossy, calming or have a natural touch to it. You could also try using contrasts or optical illusions to up your game. The wall tiles you choose are a clear way of expressing your choices and artistic style - and what’s better than creating a textured room without the hassle of maintaining a painted wall? Oasis Tiles, a leading ceramic tiles manufacturer, presents before you the first 3D tiles collection that is super easy to maintain and gives you the benefits of a painted textured wall as well. In this article, let's talk about Best 3D Wall Tiles Design Collection In India By Oasis Tiles!

Why Use 3D Tiles?
Oasis Tiles, a leading ceramic tiles manufacturer in India has for the first time introduced 3D wall tiles keeping in mind the advantages and benefits of the same. The advancement in ceramic and porcelain technology has brought tiles to a whole never level where they have become futuristic and are adapted to involve digital print or even optical illusions on them. These 3D tiles create shadow, light, and texture which work well with all unexpected surfaces or statement walls. These tiles are a dynamic way to ignite your sight and make any wall pop. The patterns appear to be jumping off the wall which brings more life and features to your rooms.

3D Wall Tiles For Your Home
Turn your kitchen, bathroom and living room to works of art with these 3D wall tiles. The possibilities are endless and these tiles are what you need to transform your rooms completely. Your bedrooms do not have to be pastel-colored plain walls anymore. Your kitchen does not have to be neutral and contrasting anymore. Your living room needn’t be contrasting or glossy to look classy. 3D wall tiles can not only add more depth to your rooms but can also make them look more trendy and classy. Use it on the plain wall behind your bed or in the seating area - the matte and shadowy tiles offer a structured effect that balances your entire room.

3D Wall Tiles For Commercial Spaces
3D wall tiles are not just catchy or appealing to the eye; they also offer undeniable sophistication and beauty. A feature or statement wall using these 3D tiles can transform any commercial area completely. Be it a fancy restaurant or even a small office space, a strategically placed feature wall will create a deeper first impression that will go a long way. It will be decorative, eye-catching and even serves as a focal point for your clients while they have meetings with you or wait for you in the seating lounges.

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