Make Your Bathroom Look Modern And Stylish


5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Modern And Stylish

Most of us dream of having a vast, spacious bathroom with a separate tub and shower, two sinks and maybe even a decadent chaise just for lounging between soaks. Well, whether you live that dream or not, you can make your bathroom live up to its full potential by using these strategies to give it a larger and stylish look. From carefully choosing your colour palette and essential fixtures to employing a few clever visual tricks, you can use some or all of these tips to make your bathroom appear twice as large.

It is correctly said that the bathroom is a space for relaxation and peace, invigorating us day in day out. If your bathroom doesn’t inspire you to go out and seize the day, then it might be time to remodel your bathroom with a unique look. Even though bathrooms are the smallest rooms, it can get tedious, expensive and time-consuming to design when you don’t know from where to start.

A few years ago, tiles were mostly laid down for their functional benefits like resistance to water, durability, low maintenance etc. but today, their aesthetic impact is just as important as their function. This is why manufacturers have expanded their selections to provide really unique styles for homeowners. And with this in mind, we have you sorted. Here, Oasis Tiles has listed down 5 ways in which you can transform your bathroom and reclaim your relaxing space.

Dimensional Tiles

It is not just colours and patterns of tiles that are getting more diverse, manufacturers like Oasis Tiles are also playing around with the shapes. Modern and stylish trends for your bathroom look will vary from the traditional rectangle to a variety of other geometric shapes. Some particular shapes that have made a resurgence in recent times are the hexagons, florals and rectangles. These shaped dimensional tiles are making their way back into the bathroom in all sizes, colours, and textures, especially on shower floors, where they create a uniquely different appearance.

To take it one step further, create unique patterns, using different coloured tiles, and repeat throughout the space. Why stop at the shower floor? You could place these striking tiles on your bathroom floor in big bold graphic tile design patterns, geometric shape tiles and combine with colour patterns to create complicated and visually arresting styles. Geometric tiles can be used on a large scale on either all walls or on entire flooring to set the tone for the bathroom. They can be used on an accent wall to create a bold pivot from the rest of the bathroom. In small bathrooms, they help improve the perception of space especially when matched well with neutral colours. In large bathrooms, they form artful accents in places like the spa area or the makeup station.

Textural Finish

Add variation, colour depth, and surface interest in any area of the bathroom by incorporating textured field tile. Textures can appear subtle or pronounced depending on the material used, finish applied, and the colour desired. 3D dimensional tiles or texture tiles can inspire just about anything, from a feeling to an object or place. But when it’s all said and done, it’s usually considered a piece of art. This category comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles which can be combined into endless combinations for a one of a kind space. These types of tiles create new focal points in the home using distinctive tile pieces and applications as diverse as a dining room wall. Elegance just isn’t for the rest of the home anymore. Make your bathrooms look more modern and stylish with 3D texture tiles.

Mirror To Make Bathroom Look Bigger

While a plain mirror is functional, a statement mirror frame can not only make the bathroom look bigger but add personality. Choose the one which goes with your liking. The reflection tends to make the bathroom look bigger. Hanging mirror with a chunky strap from a thick hook, too, can give you a dramatic and a distinct look. Go for a thickly framed hanging mirror or have fun by painting it in your desired colour or add a gold leaf for drama. Keep it aside with your standalone mirror for added effect.

Graphic Pattern & Accent Tiles

Whether on the floor or the wall, accent tiles or tiles with catchy graphics patterns are very trendy this year and will ensure your bathroom looks more modern and stylish. Either in soft subtle hues or bold contrasting colours, the intricate patterns available for these tiles with a lure you in and capture your heart. Patterned tiles will continue to expand in popularity. From subway tiles to ceramic, it’s safe to say that graphic pattern tiles can be anywhere and everywhere. This style really gives homeowners the chance to tap into their creative side or hire a designer to get creative for them. Now is the time to make your bathroom have an array of bold prints and colours all over the tiles.

Matte Finish Or Glossy Tiles?

Matte finish tiles feature a soft but powerful beauty–a style that does not get too overwhelming. They do not show smudges and watermarks as easily which makes them ideal for the bathroom floor, especially in busy bathrooms. The low sheen makes them easier to maintain. When installing matte finish tiles make sure there is enough lighting, both natural and artificial, as these tiles are not known for reflecting light. Glossy finish tiles feature a more dramatic effect on the bathroom. They tend to create an elegant, highly polished look and feel. This is why they are still more popular. They are especially great for small bathrooms as they tend to reflect plenty of light and create the perception of a space that is larger than it seems. But if you are looking for understated elegance with unspoken sophistication, you can also go for matte finish tiles. They are also great if you want an earthy style in your bathroom. But if what you are looking for are something a bit more dramatic and attention-capturing, glossy finish tiles are right up your alley.

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modern bathroom design


modern bathroom design


modern bathroom design


modern bathroom design