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You think twice before you invest in any apartment you purchase, how would you want your living room to appear when you walk into it after a long day at work? Your purchase needs to sum up to something worth the while when you walk into your house. A beautiful apartment is more than just keeping things organized and cleaning it every weekend. You can hear your step falling on the tiles as you walk on it, but what if it’s the way they speak to you?

We plan long vacations, we rent lavish apartments, so we can have a priceless getaway with extreme comfort. Why don’t we choose to invest in tiles that can make your apartment look better than your vacation home? With a wide range of living room tiles, we have tiles to set an exceptional vibe for your home. If we asked you to close your eyes and imagine how you would want your dream home to look like what are the things that cross your mind? Aesthetic view, spacious living room, painting the walls with your favourite colour? Now just imagine tiles that would complement all of these preferences! It looks like a perfect home, right? When you decide to redecorate your space or when you decide to invest in a new apartment your mind looks for everything that would make your space look beautiful. Be it visiting your friend’s place or going on the internet and looking for ideas to decorate your home in the fanciest way possible, you would check everything to make your space look beautiful.

Elegant tiles for the living room is like setting a beautiful base for your lovely home. These beautiful tiles of your living room are like a perfect base that will immediately speak about your house. Floor tiles of your living room are the most difficult thing to pick when you’re so intrigued to design your home with utmost creativity. With the exclusive range available in the market, it’s tricky to put your hands on tiles that will be the most suitable for your space. Taking inspiration from ideas available online can be creative as well as confusing at the same time. We at Oasis Tiles, have a wide range of living room tiles to set up a unique mood for your precious space. Maxima, Foresta, Aspero, you name the tiles, we have them all. We believe in providing an exclusive range of living room floor tiles so you don’t have to settle for anything less than how you expect your dream house to be.

If home decor itself made your space elegant and exquisite, the concept of tiles would be so unimportant. We don’t deny that the rest of these factors are important, but the living room floor tiles are the ones that will complement the rest of the choices you make. It will make your decor stand out by making it captivating. Oasis Tiles have a special collection of living room tiles for you. Name the kind of vibe you want to set for your living room, we will provide you with the tile that will serve the purpose. On the basis of varied tiles we provide we would love to suggest a few ideas about how you can decorate your living room.

  • With the exclusive 33 Walut black Oasis tile, you can decorate your house by giving it a good contrast of colours and home decor. Since the colour of the tile is black, you can prefer having a sofa/couch that is cream coloured with a beautiful grey flower pot in one of the living room corners.
  • If you’re a lover of keeping the look subtle, slate stone multi tiles are designed just for you. These tiles would give an elegant look to your living room by keeping a very subtle vibe. A good choice of wooden furniture would complement your dream space.
  • If you are the kind that would love the wooden look finish to your home matz grey tiles would just serve the need. With finely designed Matz grey tiles you can give your space a perfect outdoor look. Enter your home like it’s your vacation home you will live in forever.
  • Old is gold they say. With our fine range of Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles, you can keep the old tiles and still make your space look super stylish. Just because that tile is highly used in the market doesn’t mean it won’t give a unique touch to your space. These finely polished tiles will suit your preference of keeping it beautiful and simple at the same time.
  • Foresta has a fine range of beautiful tiles for the living room that will give your space a wooden finish. These tiles can be used for one small section of your home as well as the entire room and it would still manage to make your room captivating. A unique choice of flower vase would work as a cherry on the cake with these tiles.

Oasis Tiles believes in serving the dream image that’s painted in your head. We wouldn’t want our customers to settle with anything less than what they really expect. Every customer is different and they come with a different plan and vision and we wouldn’t want anyone to settle for anything less than what they dream of. Your dreams are as precious to us as they are to you. Feel free to tell us what mood you want to set for your dream home, we will meet your desired expectation.

Living Room Tiles


Living Room Tiles


Living Room Tiles