Latest Slim Tiles Collection To Beautify Your Home


Introducing O-slim, Our Slimmest Tiles Collection

Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading floor tiles manufacturers, always aims at bringing to you the products that are the best output of technology, innovation, and visual appeal. Recently we have been working towards our new product that combines and executes this intention and will give your house a classy and vibrant look like never before. Presenting to you O-slim Tiles Collection of slim tiles by Oasis Tiles.

The Slimmest Tiles Collection
It is time to #GoSlim with O-slim Tiles Collection by Oasis Tiles. Introducing our slimmest tiles ever! With the size of 60 x 120 cm and a thickness of just 6 mm, O-slim Tiles are our latest launch of slim tiles that work towards bringing technology and innovation together.

Visual Appeal
Many a time we notice that well-designed houses fail to make an impression due to poor wall tiles. This will no longer be the story of any house, thanks to O-slim Tiles. Their natural appeal and surface finesse slim tiles make the room look more classy and their polished surfaces reflect light, making the room look vibrant and well-lit.

Wear & Tear Resistant
Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading floor tiles manufacturers, understands the need to have tiles that are wear & tear resistant. Our recent tiles collection, O-slim Tiles, is made using avant-garde materials and technology that make them sound and wear and tear resistant. With the slimmest 6mm tiles that are easy to maintain and offer wear & tear resistance, there couldn’t have been a better option than our O-slim Tiles.

Various Colours & Designs
O-slim Tiles come in a variety of colours and designs. O-slim Tiles Collection includes tiles like Fenicia Nero with a grey-black finish, Quantum Copper with blended shades of beige and much more. They’re the perfect tiles to brighten up your walls as their polished look reflects light and makes any room look well-lit. They have a classy and aesthetic visual appeal and come in tons of designs, making it suitable for each and every room. Gift your walls the affordable luxury of O-slim Tiles today!

It is time to #GoSlim with O-slim Tiles! Check out more about our tiles at Oasis Tiles.