Floor Tiles For Living Room - Ideas & Inspirations


Floor Tiles for Living Room - Ideas & Inspirations

Houses are a reflection of the owner’s personality. Especially the living room, which speaks about the different people living in the house. A living room is that part of the house which guests see before any other room so it’s your chance to make a first good impression with your living room tiles. Oasis Tiles, one of the leading ceramic tiles companies, gives you the chance to show off your styling sense and leave behind a unique impression on the onlookers. In this article let's talk about Best Floor Tiles Design For Your Living Room! Here Are Some Ideas & Inspirations For Picking Floor Tiles For Your Living Room:

Clean And Classy
If you’re unsure about the type of look your living room should carry, clean and classy is your safest choice. Mix some nude shades with bold ones or go for simply polished tiles to create an eye-catching focal point. These polished or plain tiles can be topped with antique or unique furniture to make the furniture pieces stand out. Nude floor tiles with bold accents work best when it comes to giving a clean and classy look. Oasis Tiles, a ceramic tiles company, specializes in this floor tiles range with Thedis Gold, Sweet Satvario, Titan Moka etc range of tiles.

Chic And Urbane
Chic and urbane will let your guests know your love for subtle beauty. Using bland hue tints, you can set up your entire living room floor tiles and mask a unique impression. Neutral tones for the living room floor and wall tiles along with the same color palette for furniture can make your living room look very chic and urbane effortlessly. Alternatively, you could give it an all-nature feel by going for wooden tiles etc.

Dark And Bold
If your furniture is light and neutral, you could try adding a dark backdrop for your living room. One way to do this is to add darker and bold floor tiles for your living rooms. This would make the furniture stand out and would give a very classy and bold look to your home. Oasis Tiles, one of the leading ceramic tiles companies, specializes in this floor tiles range with MarboCharcol, Pulpis Sepia etc. range of tiles.

Regal And Majestic
This is the perfect opportunity to add a royal touch to your home. With a sleek finish, you could use floor tiles to play the Victorian element in your homes. Pick any lustrous color shade or vintage shades to work up the regal and majestic look for your homes. Time to go vintage and bring a more royal look to your living room.

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