Floor Tiles Design For Your Dream House By Oasis Tiles


Floor Tiles Design For Your Dream House By Oasis Tiles

How To Select The Right Floor Tiles Design For Your Dream House

Since the floor is the key design element to any room in your home, you will naturally need to ask yourself a few sets of questions before selecting the right flooring based on design, your lifestyle, budget, and location. No matter the design style you have in mind, tile flooring is a smart way to add more life and character to your rooms. The variety of floor tiles designs available means that it’s easier than ever to make your space stylish and unique. Oasis Tiles presents before you a few tips to pick the right floor tiles design for your dream home

Think Of The Purpose Of A Room

When selecting the right colour for your tiles, there are always a few basic guidelines a homeowner should keep in mind. Firstly, it is crucial to identify the purpose of the room. Is it going to be used as a leisure room that should be catchy and unique or is it going to be a bedroom that should be more soothing and welcoming than bold and glossy? Every room is unique and has a different purpose and the colours that work in one room might not work in another. You should decide the purpose of that room thus, the overall look of the room. Details such as the usability and frequency of use and exposure to heat or moisture should be determined beforehand.

Fix A Tile Size Based On The Room Size

It is true that the size of a room affects the selection of tiles and vice versa. For a smaller room, picking larger tiles can make your room appear large. Moreover, using the same pattern of wall and floor tiles can not only give your room a very polished and elegant look but also visually makes your room appear more spacious. The amount and choice of furniture, too, affects your selection of tiles. In rooms with minimal and colourful furniture, a neutral palette of tiles can balance the colours while in a room with darker furniture, a patterned tile can add more character. Oasis Tiles exclusively offers floor tiles design for smaller houses to ease this confusion.

Consider Tile Hardness

When browsing different types of floor tiles, one of the most important features to pay attention to is to is the Hardness (the Moh’s scale) as it measures the material’s ability to withstand wear/foot traffic, as well as scratches. The tiles accordingly get divided into 5 different classes and you should pick as per the room requirement:

  • Class I: No foot traffic can be sustained. Suitable for Wall application only.
  • Class II: Light traffic or interior wall applications. Best in areas with soft soled to normal foot traffic, with no scratching dirt. For example, bathrooms and bedrooms with no exterior access.
  • Class III: Light to moderate traffic, as well as countertops and walls. Appropriate for spaces with normal foot traffic and small amounts of scratching dirt. All rooms of the home, except for kitchens, entryways, and other areas with high foot traffic.
  • Class IV: Moderate to heavy traffic. It can be installed in all areas of the home, including kitchens, halls, entryways.
  • Class V: Heavy to extra heavy traffic, as well as exposure to scratching dirt. Works well in any room of the house, as well as commercial spaces.

Pay Attention To Tile Porosity

Another critical feature not to be missed is porosity. It is determined by the ratio of air holes to solids in a tile, which impacts the amount of water it absorbs. If you are doing the install in a moisture prone area, such as a bathroom, kitchen, mud room, laundry room, pay close attention to this rating.

Go For Aesthetic Colours

Once you decide the colours to be used depending on the overall energy and ambiance the room should carry, working on the contrast will help you narrow down the possibilities to a specific type of tiles. Here are Porosity Classifications:

  • Impervious: Water absorption of 0.5 percent or less. Recommended for use in the kitchen and especially the bathroom.
  • Vitreous: Water absorption of 0.5 percent to 3 percent.
  • Semi-Vitreous: Water absorption of 3 – 7 percent.
  • Non-Vitreous: Water absorption of more than 7 percent. This category is not recommended for floor use.

Natural Lighting And Contrast

The colour of a room plays a huge role in deciding the overall look and ambiance. The natural lighting of a room and the intended contrast determines the colour of the tiles be used. In a well-lit room with natural lighting, either pale colours that bring out the polished effect of the tiles or a matte finish dark shades of the tiles that contrast with the lighting of the room would suit well. On the other hand, in a room where sunlight seldom strikes, it would be wiser to use light and brighter shades and colours.

Ensure Slip Resistance

Most tile materials tend to be slippery especially if water is put together into the equation. It becomes even more important to prioritise slip resistance if you have children or elderly people in the house. A bathroom is a prime place where fall accidents may happen, particularly the shower area, so good slip resistance is highly recommended.

Follow Classic Room Styles

It is always wise to keep in mind the classic room styles while planning the elements in a room. A bathroom should always be airy and the colour palette in the kitchen should always be either warm or cool, depending on the overall style of the entire house. The tiles in the patio should be more towards the natural side and should probably have stone or grass-like effects that connects you to the outdoor spaces. The flooring that you choose should not only be aesthetic and pleasing but should mainly serve your house practically. Polished tiles that are resistant, durable and scratch-free or floors with tiles that mimic the effect of wooden flooring, Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading ceramic tiles manufacturers in India, offers an unimaginable collection and variety with respect to the floor and wall tiles. A good flooring can infuse life into any dull room.

Choose Eco-Friendly Tiles

If you are a fan of wooden flooring, Oasis Tiles offers an eco-friendly collection called Foresta which makes the perfect floor for your rooms. Wooden finish tiles or wooden strips usually fail to imitate nature appropriately but the strips that are developed under the Foresta collection hold the deep ingrained wooden impression. If you prefer wooden flooring, you can use Oasis Tiles wood-effect tiles that give the feel of real hardwood but are eco-friendly and easier to maintain as they can tolerate better foot traffic.

Stone Tiles For Ultimate Luxury

Patios are another commonly tiled area in the home that is often filled with natural looking tiles or tiles that connect to nature like wooden tiles or stone tiles. As these areas are typically used for connecting with the outdoors and frequently lead to other rooms in the house such as the lounge, it’s important that the colour scheme complements the accompanying areas. It should also match the overall style of the property and create a flowing feeling. If luxury and incredible durability are your top priorities, the stone floor tile is second to none. Marble, granite, and travertine can elevate the look of any room in your house. Because no two stones are exactly alike, you get a naturally beautiful floor that will look like no other.

Make Your Space Appear Larger With Light Colour Tiles

If you have a room that is small or does not have a lot of natural light, you can make your task easy by installing light colour tiles. White, sand, beige, cream, etc. are all good color choices. Marble or ceramic or porcelain would be a good match for this application. Larger tiles and light coloured tiles tend to make a small room appear bigger. You can even install the same material or wall tiles with a similar design on the walls, which will further enhance the illusion of expanded space. To amplify the effect and create a seamless flowing surface, use a matching grout colour. This works particularly well in small or tiny bathrooms.

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