Decorate your Homes with Oasis Tiles


Decorate your Homes with Oasis Tiles

Gone are the days when tiles were just meant to be a backsplash and save you the hassle of cleaning. Tiles designs are now crafted and beautifully designed having the power to completely transform and enhance the look of any room.

Here are a few ways in which you can decorate your homes using tiles designs by Oasis Tiles

Creating a ‘rug’ using tiles and tile designs is not only a way of creating more visual space in the room but is also a way to add more character and interest to your room. They also work well for outdoors since they define a space perfectly and helps you divide an area using the rug effect, thus enabling you to define various areas within a space.

The fancy and bold walls look can be created by mixing and matching various tiles designs and patterns to make the walls a subtle yet a stunning focal point in the room. This could either be in a kitchen or bedroom or even in the living and dining room. When the decor and furniture is kept simple, these fancy and bold walls will become the centre of attention and will add more character to any plain room.

It is always wise to opt for uncluttered and clean tiling on bathroom walls. A bathroom should not only look spacious but should also have a decent amount of lighting which is why contrasts and reflection of lights becomes essential. The bathroom should create an overall calming effect and impart a sense of wellbeing.

Available in a variety of colours, there’s more to the grouting than what meets the eye. You could choose a pastel colour with plain white or neutral tiles or could pick the classic black and gold themes to make your room look more interesting and unique. It is also possible to match the colours of the tiles or to create a contrast with the furniture in the room. Say goodbye to the usual discolouration and try out this look by using coloured grouting.

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