Celebrate Monsoon with Floor Tiles by Oasis

Monsoon is finally here!

Whether you are remodelling your outdoor area or are working on your patio space for the first time, Oasis Tiles India, outshines the countless ceramic floor tiles options you might get.

A patio space or any paving, with a nearby pool or a small handcrafted garden area deserves a good amount of attention and maintenance before and while the rain showers are pouring. Apart from the hygiene and safety matters, it is also essential that your patio does not look messy or excessively slippery due to the after-mess rain creates.

To cater to this and ease up  the process of maintaining your outdoor area, Oasis Tiles offers a variety of ceramic floor tiles that work well for any monsoon prone area. With our water absorbent, easy to clean and countless designs of ceramic floor tiles, Oasis Tiles is the best companion of any house owner having a huge outdoor patio or paving area.

Whether you want a scandinavian touch of neat grey ceramic floor tiles or a floor made up of wood-like ceramic floor tiles slabs, we offer various designs and patterns right from pale peach tiles to a fusion of greys and ochres that resemble the wave-like pattern. Durable and sturdy, these ceramic floor tiles are specifically made to give the monsoon feel to your house.

While the plants in your backyard carry droplets of rainwater and the weather gets colder, it’s time to light a small bonfire outside and enjoy the onset of monsoon as the ceramic floor tiles by Oasis Tiles works its charm of providing a perfect backdrop to your outdoor area. Keep aside all worries of maintenance or developing a cleaning routine because Oasis Tiles has you covered and protected from the heavy rains this monsoon.

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