Oasis Tiles : An Affordable Luxury

While you dream about a new or renovated house that needs a complete customisation, along with the excitement of finally being able to create and design the corners of your house settles In a fear of picking such tiles designs for your floors and walls that are durable, affordable and yet aesthetic.

This brings into picture the need to find out more about the best ceramic manufacturing companies in India.that offer products that not only make a house look good but also make sure that the ambience and the energy a house holds us radiant and positive.

This is exactly where Oasis Tiles fits in and manages the job of making home-designing a fun and involving task without the need to mentally maintain a budget and calculate even the smallest of expenses. With a huge variety in the designs and patterns that we have to offer at the most affordable prices, Oasis Tiles are a perfect choice for any home, easily bringing Oasis to be listed into one of the best ceramic manufacturing tiles in India. The best quality offered at the most affordable prices, Oasis group is currently one of the leading ceramic manufacturing companies in India which also specialises in export of Wall Tiles, Vitrified Tiles and Sanitary Ware products.

Quoting the words of our chairman, Mr. Sukhdev Patel, “Oasis Tiles is driven by the goal of providing quality tiling solutions to make homes better and lives happier. The Oasis team has always envisioned the company to create luxurious solutions to amplify the beauty of their home and overwhelm their customers’ hearts with happiness.”

At Oasis Tiles, we strongly believe that creating and living in aesthetically pleasing and beautiful homes is a luxury that should be made affordable. We use the artistic technology to design, innovate and improve our products so that we can manufacture international quality products at a competitive price. Being one of the most referred to ceramic manufacturing company in India, Oasis Tiles has an underlying mission to inspire people and offer them a chance to live their dreams in their dream homes.


Oasis Tilles currently exports to more than 20 countries around the globe and has been presented with various awards including the award for the Fastest Growing Consumer Choice Brands in India and the Power Brands Rising Star 2016. Oasis Tiles India has become a formidable force in the ceramic industry of India, claiming its position as one of the best ceramic manufacturing companies in India.

With Kriti Sanon as the brand ambassador for Oasis Tiles and a mega master product display centre at the corporate office : Oasis Vitrified Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat, various efforts have been made by Oasis Tiles to showcase its offerings for its customers worldwide. What makes Oasis Tiles unique and one of the best ceramic manufacturing companies in India apart from the cutting edge technology adopted from Italy and Spain is the uniqueness and the subtle soothing yet classy effect that it gives to your houses.

With Oasis Tiles serving as a backdrop for your houses, it is impossible for onlookers to take their eyes off as they can only appreciate in awe while you pat your pocket with a satisfied smile on your face as you acknowledge your choice of ne of the most durable, affordable and attractive ceramic manufacturing companies in India.

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