Parking Tiles – A Backdrop Design

It is a truth universally accepted that no matter how wrong, we will still feel inclined to judge a passerby by their appearance or a book by its cover. But have you ever considered that people could judge you by the choice of tiles in your home, too?

Here, at Oasis, we not only give you an opportunity to design your dream houses with our wide range of tiles covering every possible nook and corner of the rooms in your house but also ensure that the porch and the exteriors are met with an awestruck look on the faces of the onlookers.

How, you ask?

With our new range of Parking Tiles Design!


For an house having predominantly black and white shades for the exterior walls and roofs, the grey from these tiles will perfectly help to balance these contrasts and will grant the parking lot or the exterior porch area a classy and neutral finish. The same range of tiles can also be used as a light backdrop for any house filled with dark shades or wooden staircases and flooring.


If your house has a spacious exterior that can serve as a parking area as well as a well lit porch/ patio area, then this is the range of tiles you’re looking for! Giving your parking area the designs of beige and coffee colours, these tiles not only grant an aesthetic and authentic feel to the area right outside your abode but the same can also be mixed and matched to create a more lasting effect that draws attention to the outdoor furniture and cars parked on it.

Why these parking tiles design?

We understand and acknowledge the need to own a house that you can boast about and also understand the efforts required to maintain the same. At Oasis, our major efforts are directed towards satisfying your needs of having a clean entrance area along with a parking lot that not only makes your cars stand out but also facilitates easy cleaning since these tiles do not absorb water, making them more sturdy and long lasting.

Right from the random prints on the tiles that can easily hide any possible cracks to the minimalistic look they offer, these parking tiles design are a perfect backdrop for any modern mansion or urban house.

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