Office Tiles at its Best

Modern Offices have been following a trend of adorning space with tiles. In today’s time, there’s a fair amount of effort put into every office to make it look appealing and stylish. Tiles have always proven to be one of the best options to add a pop-up or pattern that turns the office into a captivating sight.

Here are a few modern office setups that’ll make you rework your office design:

Minimalism works its charm – Modern design doesn’t always mean an extensive set-up with a merge of diverse colors. Sometimes, the simplest style works its charm to making the office space look extravagant. The subtle natural wood tiles placed in harmony with black brick wall tiles with a minimum furniture set-up proves an example of how remarkably elegant a space with minimal design could look.

A floor tile can change everything – Floor Tiles play a primal role in the division of an office space. In this particular design, the floor tile and natural light play an important role in making the entire space look enchanting. The glossy multi-colour tile just syncs into the subtle setup and disrupted walls. The light and its reflection on the glossy tile is what turns the table and makes the space look perfect.

Making a statement – When you choose the right kind of tiles for your floor and walls with an addition of lighting and minor elements together, you can never fail to make a statement. An addition of various elements doesn’t always look busy if placed well. The below set-up is a fine example of that. As mentioned earlier, a floor tile or a wall tile could have a drastic impact on your office space making it look more appealing. Work is where we spend most our time so having an alluring set-up just makes us settle in. Our advice to you is, get inspired, grab the tiles that suits your office best and enhance the beauty of your beloved second-home.


Here’s Oasis Tiles – India doing its best to make your office a masterpiece.

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