Decorate your Homes with Oasis Tiles

Decorate your Homes with Oasis Tiles

Gone are the days when tiles were just meant to be a backsplash and save you the hassle of cleaning. Tiles designs are now crafted and beautifully designed having the power to completely transform and enhance the look of any room.

Here are a few ways in which you can decorate your homes using tiles designs by Oasis Tiles :


Creating a ‘rug’ using tiles and tile designs is not only a way of creating more visual space in the room but is also a way to add more character and interest to your room. They also work well for outdoors since they define a space perfectly and helps you divide an area using the rug effect, thus enabling you to define various areas within a space.


The fancy and bold walls look can be created by mixing and matching various tiles designs and patterns to make the walls a subtle yet a stunning focal point in the room. This could either be in a kitchen or bedroom or even in the living and dining room. When the decor and furniture is kept simple, these fancy and bold walls will become the centre of attention and will add more character to any plain room.


It is always wise to opt for uncluttered and clean tiling on bathroom walls. A bathroom should not only look spacious but should also have a decent amount of lighting which is why contrasts and reflection of lights becomes essential. The bathroom should create an overall calming effect and impart a sense of wellbeing.


Available in a variety of colours, there’s more to the grouting than what meets the eye. You could choose a pastel colour with plain white or neutral tiles or could pick the classic black and gold themes to make your room look more interesting and unique. It is also possible to match the colours of the tiles or to create a contrast with the furniture in the room. Say goodbye to the usual discolouration and try out this look by using coloured grouting.

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Wall Tiles Design For Your Office


When setting up an office, one of the main concerns is the type of Office tiles design to choose. Choosing from an array of designs can be a difficult task. But Oasis Tiles has crafted for you a collection of breathtaking wall tiles designs for office that exhibits your luxurious taste to the onlookers. Here are a few tips Oasis Tiles brings to you with regards to picking the suitable wall tiles design for your office:

Minimal Look

Modern designs don’t always mean an extensive set-up with a blend of various hues and colours. Minimalism works its charm in the best way to make any office space look more extravagant and classy. Any spacious office space with the least amount of furniture and simple designs for floor as well as wall tiles can be the key to making your office area look more appealing and work-worthy.

Making a Statement

When you pick the right kind of tiles for your floor and walls that go well with the overall lighting and all other minor elements combined together, you can never fail to make a statement. The wall tiles designs and the overall look should be alluring enough to make someone want to settle in for work. The wisest choice would be to pick the designs that suit your office and work culture best.

Professional Approach

The wall tiles can be suited to the profession or the energy an office is intended to carry. In case of a profession like finance or consultancy services, the wall tiles could be more minimal. Creative or evolving business could go for a bold look where the tiled walls would be mixed and matched with painted ones and adorned with matching or contrasting frames to jazz up the look.

Overall Work Atmosphere

Stencil designs, tiled walls serve a better purpose in creating the first impression about the overall work atmosphere and can go beyond the traditional role of serving as a place of work and discussion.

Lighting & Contrasts

It should always be kept in mind that the workplace should be spacious enough and well-lit. An office with a good amount of natural lighting always brings out the best in terms of mood and efficiency and also induces a level of vibrancy into the workplace.

Oasis Tiles brings to you a variety of wall tiles designs to suit the requirement of each and every office. You can find out more and explore our collection at –


Lavish Living with Oasis Tiles India

Oasis Tiles, one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in India, has been working towards building a range of luxurious house tiles that define your lavish lifestyle. Tiles and their designs matter a lot in style and looks of the flooring to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your homes.

Be it floor tiles, kitchen or wall tiles for your bathroom or the outdoors of any luxuriously constructed house, unique designed ceramic tiles prove to be a valuable option to give your house the lavish and complete look.


The floor of any room looks more attractive and desirable if the flooring is filled with beautifully styled and polished tiles. These days, the trend to define the look and feel of any room is to go for the classics and luxurious looking tiles.

Being one of the largest ceramic tiles manufacturers in India, Oasis Tiles caters to this current trend and offers durable tiles with an aesthetic appeal.


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Being one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in India. Oasis Tiles have various designs, colours, patterns and textures that best fit the look of any room and make it look delighting from every perspective. The use of digital technology makes these tiles look more polished and adorable. The play of colours in your ceramic tiles can also save you the cost of interior decor and manual artwork as your tiles can create an equally wonderful impact.


If you are a fan of wooden flooring, Oasis Tiles eco-friendly collection called Foresta is the perfect floor for your rooms. With wooden flooring, there’s a higher chance of scratches or damage while the on the other hand, the use of ceramic tiles not only has an aesthetic appeal but they prove to be more hassle free and low maintenance .

Wooden finish tiles or wooden strips usually fail to imitate nature appropriately. But the strips that are developed under foresta hold deep ingrained wooden impression. The firmness of the natural wood and its insightful intensity are very well incorporated in these wooden strips. A wooden flooring without letting nature bear its cost; there couldn’t be a better deal than the Foresta range by Oasis Tiles.


Wooden floors are prone to scratches and require a lot of maintenance. Also, the use of wooden flooring and carpets brings along a frequent complaint of gathering of dirt and dust which can make the room unhygienic and messy. Ceramic Tiles are waterproof, polished and scratch-proof. These tiles by Oasis Tiles are the most affordable luxury that not only appeals to the eye but also to the hardly required effort of cleaning and maintenance.

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Picking the Perfect Parking Tiles

We all aim for a lavish and spectacular parking area right outside our homes. Since the outdoor porch or parking area is what any guest would first lay their eyes on, it becomes even more essential to make sure the impact the parking area leaves is classy, elegant yet unique.

However, with the wide number of parking tiles design available in the market, picking the right one for your house can be a bit difficult sometimes. Your choice of parking tiles majorly depends on the look you intend to give to your outdoor porch or parking area. Oasis Tiles offers you a variety of parking tiles to act as an elegant, vibrant and colourful backdrop for your parking spaces.

With this, Oasis Tiles brings to you some tips to follow before picking or installing your parking tiles :


Outdoor and parking tiles should be selected with utmost care. These are the tiles that will be exposed to all kinds of weather and weight conditions. This makes it extremely essential for the parking tiles to be non-slippery and water resistant. Also, it becomes important to make sure that the tiles do not break or crack easily and they do not look messy when it rains. Before picking the tiles, its use and purpose should be estimated beforehand. Porcelain or natural stone tiles naturally become the best fit for such parking areas.


The hues of your home need to match with your parking tiles. While an unmatched look also works, you would have to decide if you want to be subtle by following the same hues and shades throughout the house or want to be bold by trying to contrast them. If you want an elegant and simple look, matching your hues with the shades of the house is the best option. In case of parking tiles designs and patterned tiles, it becomes necessary to make sure that they match the texture of your home and floors.


Before deciding the style, colour and design of these tiles, you will need to consider the overall lighting of the parking area. If the outdoor area is well-lit, darker coloured parking tiles would be a great fit. In case of partial or low lighting, lighter and neutral based shades would give your outdoor area a more divine look. Lighting is important when it comes to picking the colour of your tiles since using dark coloured tiles in an area with low lighting will just give a dull and dead area as the overall impact.

These are the primary tips that you need to keep in mind before picking any parking tiles design. If done correctly, parking tiles can give an elegant uplift to your abode and make it look more spacious and stylish. It is wiser to install tiles after proper planning since parking and outdoor tiles can make or mar the look of your entire house.

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Tips to Make your Bathroom look more Luxurious

On returning home from an eventful day, the first thing that pops up in our minds is to pamper ourselves with a relaxing and refreshing bath. In today’s world, a bath and bathroom have started being related to leisure and self care. It has recently been found that, a bath and the ambience of a bathroom has a significant impact on one’s mental health.

It has finally been concluded that the trick to an aesthetic bathroom does not lie in luxurious bathtubs or in aesthetic toiletries. The trick to transforming the look and the overall feel of any bathroom lies in the play of colours, lighting and most importantly the patterns along with the choice of bathroom wall tiles.

With this, Oasis Tiles brings you some tips to make your bathroom look more attractive and luxurious by using bathroom wall tiles to up your game :

Natural Wood-effect Ceramic Wall Tiles

It is now possible to give a wooden effect to spaces like bathroom with the help of modern technology of digital porcelain tiles. Give your bathroom the warmth of the wood and the calmness of a natural spa along with the benefits of ceramic resistance to water and dampness along with the ease of maintenance. Go eco friendly with the wooden wall tiles from Oasis Tiles that are a perfect fit for your relaxing bath.

Create Separate Areas using Different Wall Tiles

You can perfectly customise your bathroom by using different wall tiles to create separate areas within the same room. Moreover, if your bathroom has a toilet along with the shower space, you can create a perception about separating both by using different bathroom wall tiles for both sections. You can also use this trick to give the classy look to your bathroom. For an instance, you could use dark wall tiles to mark the area around the mirror and complete the adjoining wall with a lighter shade.


Use Nature as a Texture in your Bathroom Wall Tiles

To have a more relaxing bath & spa effect and to feel closer to nature, you could tweak your ordinary bathroom wall tiles to give you the perception of an outdoor bath by using natural textures like bamboo, wood etc. This would help you create a soothing and peaceful environment ideal for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath.


Using the Same Wall & Floor Tile

This is a classic style of using optical illusion to make the bathroom look more spacious and airy. This makes your bathroom look more sophisticated and complete and also ensures that the ambience of the room is more enclosed and personal. For this, it is possible to pick the same light or dark shade or the contrasting variation of the wall tile shade for the floor tile and vice versa.

The options are countless but the result is just one – a customised bathroom offering you a time of leisure and self care after any tiring day. To know more and build your bathroom with our wall tiles, read more at 

Kitchen Wall Tiles Combinations & Ideas

Kitchen Wall Tiles are perfect to add a colourful and impactful backsplash to your cooking area. Not only do kitchen wall tiles make cleaning and maintaining quite easy but also add a visual character to your kitchen.

Oasis Tiles offers a wide variety of kitchen wall tiles in all possible colours and patterns – right from the ones that provide a unique backsplash to the kind that provide a simple border to your kitchen walls. Here are some ideas to make your kitchen wall tiles stand out and work as a wonderful backdrop for your busy kitchen:

B O L D   + C O N T R A S T

You can give your kitchen a dramatic makeover by creating contrasts with a bold touch to your kitchen wall tiles. This can be done by using bright colours where the kitchen equipments are dull or by using dark and bold shades to bring attention to the walls. You can also add a dramatic effect by adding floral or patterned tiles or using solid colours as background. If done wisely, this can refresh the entire look of your kitchen.

M I X   + M A T C H

Quit playing safe and add a flavour to your wall tiles by mixing and matching various wall tiles designs that complement each other. You can create unique shapes or patterns using the simplest of wall tiles to add this personalised touch to your kitchens. When using the mosaic technique, there are endless possibilities to get your kitchen bubbling with life and colour.

V I N T A G E   + R U S T I C

You can give your kitchen the vintage or rustic look by working your way with beige, delicate patterned or floral wall tiles that give the rustic feel to the kitchen. Using lighter shades like ochre or beige or cream or any shade closer to white can help you achieve this look for your kitchen. Combine this with shiny or pale coloured kitchen appliances and you’re good to go all aesthetic and vintage.

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Perfecting your Living Room with Oasis Tiles

Oasis Tiles has established itself as one of the best ceramic tiles manufacturers in India. With this comes the experience of designing living rooms that can witness the gathering of an entire family that spends time together.

We all know that it is essential to design a living room that holds a sense of style and is also comfortable at the same time. Here are a few tips by Oasis Tiles to help you design a perfect living room:


Whenever it comes to any living room, the colours generally preferred are more subtle and pale. Apart from serving as a neutral palette backdrop, the walls of your living room can be your canvas to portray your masterpiece and your unique combination of colours, textures and shades thrown into a wall or in the tiles on your floor. You can either try the classic styles by working your walls and floors with a variety of neutral and lighter shades or can choose to go bold by applying any bright colour to add a striking effect to your living room.


The natural lighting of a room not only affects the overall energy and ambience of a room but also bestows positivity and a motivating morning to the people living in the house. Where a room is not in exposure to enough natural light, it is advisable to add artificial sources of light and make sure they all go in sync with each other rather than illuminating separate regions of the room. Bedside lamps, table or floor lamps, central fixtures or intricate and delicate chandeliers can be used to add light and play with the overall lighting of a room.


Colours talk the most when furniture is seen the least. When with furniture, to have a luxurious living room, it is wise to follow the less is more approach and fill up your living room with few but aesthetic and classy items of furniture rather than dumping all possible furniture that could work well in the same living room. Small tricks like dividing spaces using rugs or placing furniture closer to each other can bring a sense of intimacy to the room, thus striking more conversations among the people living and sitting in the room.


The flooring that you choose should not only be aesthetic and pleasing but should mainly serve your house practically. Polished tiles that are resistant, durable and scratch-free or floors with tiles that mimic the effect of a wooden flooring, Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading ceramic tiles manufacturers in India, offers an unimaginable collection and variety with respect to floor and wall tiles. A good flooring can infuse life into any dull room.


Curtains are one of the major elements that put together and add a classy charm to your entire room – right from the tall curtains that stand above your windows and make your room look large and spacious or the ones that separate your room from the balcony. Curtains add a blend of colours to your room and can be contrasted and colour co-ordinated to blend in or stand out from the rest of the room. Moreover, curtains can be changed as per the mood or season and it helps in renewing the entire impact and energy of a room with extreme ease. Curtains not only liven up the area but also add a more breezy and fresh character to your living rooms.

Apart from these, there are many other elements that influence the look and the overall impact your living room endorses. To know more about Oasis Tiles – one of the best ceramic tiles manufacturers in India – and explore their tiles collections, read more here


Oasis Tiles India – Your Tile Mentor

Sometimes, choice of tiles and the colours of a room can be a difficult task, it is also one of the most important factor that affects the overall impact and look of your house.

Oasis Tiles, one of the leading ceramic tiles companies has made this easier with the huge range of tiles collections in all possible colours, patterns, shades and designs. With the plethora of tiles designed keeping your modern house in mind Oasis Tiles will provide you with the best support. Read on to know more:

1.Look and Purpose of the Room

The first step before you decide which tile to buy for your room. You should be decide the purpose of that room thus, the overall look of the room. Details such as the usability and frequency of use and exposure to heat or moisture should be determined beforehand. Once you decide the colours to be used depending on the overall energy and ambience the room should carry, working on the contrast will help you narrow down the possibilities to a specific type of tiles.

2.Room Size and Furniture

It is true that the size of a room affects the selection of tiles and vice versa. For a smaller room, picking larger tiles can make your room appear large. Moreover, using the same pattern of wall and floor tiles can not only give your room a very polished and elegant look but also visually makes your room appear more spacious. The amount and choice of furniture, too, affects your selection of tiles. In rooms with minimal and colourful furniture, a neutral palette of tiles can balance the colours while in a room with darker furniture, a patterned tile can add more character.

3.Natural Lighting and Contrast

The colour of a room plays a huge role on deciding the overall looks and ambience. The natural lighting of a room and the intended contrast determines the colour of the tiles to be used. In a well lit room with natural lighting either pale colours that bring out the polished effect of the tiles or a matte finish dark shades of the tiles that contrasts with the lighting of the room would suit well. On the other hand, in a room where sunlight seldom strikes, it would be wiser to use light and brighter shades and colours.

4.Classic Room Styles

It is always wise to keep in mind the classic room styles while planning the elements in a room. A bathroom should always be airy and the colour palette in the kitchen should always be either warm or cool, depending on the overall style of the entire house. The tiles in the patio should be more towards the natural side and should probably have stone or grass-like effects that connects you to the outdoor spaces. If you are a fan of wooden flooring, Oasis Tiles offers an eco-friendly collection called Foresta which makes the perfect floor for your rooms. Wooden finish tiles or wooden strips usually fail to imitate nature appropriately but the strips that are developed under foresta hold deep ingrained wooden impression. If you prefer a wooden flooring, you can use Oasis Tiles wood-effect tiles that give the feel of real hardwood but are eco-friendly and easier to maintain as they can tolerate a better foot traffic.

Oasis Tiles - Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer in India

5.Style of the Entire House

After all, every room is a part of a house. The challenge is to make sure that each room maintains the style of the entire house. The room should not only reflect the style of your entire house but also be strong enough to individually stand as a masterpiece of choice and colours.

Oasis Tiles - Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer in India

With this, you can refer the variety of our ceramic tiles collections and read more at to design and spark up the floor of your homes today.

Oasis Tiles : Our Tile Collections

Oasis Tiles is one of the best tiles companies in India that aims to make your home better and lives happier. With the durable quality of the tiles along with the multitude of designs and patterns that Oasis Tiles offers, designing every corner of your house can never go wrong.

Oasis Tiles has upped the game to a new front by proving itself as one of the best tiles companies in India with the introduction of their huge collection of tiles. The same is listed below:


A collection of shiny, glossy tiles that energise the room with their unfadeable glow. High Gloss is a glare free series that uses modern techniques to give a polished and finished touch to the tiles in your office, living room or study room. High Gloss tiles go perfectly with any room to give it a complete look with its shiny, glossy touch.



Aspero Tiles feature matte-finish tiles to add an element of boldness to a simple room. When your room is filled with light shades and pale furniture or decor, Aspero tiles perfectly contrast and thus complement the overall feel of your room. Complete any room with the power of contrast and boldness that act as a perfect finishing touch.



If you are a fan of wooden flooring, Oasis Tiles eco-friendly collection called Foresta is the perfect floor for your rooms. Wooden finish tiles or wooden strips usually fail to imitate nature appropriately. But the strips that are developed under foresta hold deep ingrained wooden impression. The firmness of the natural wood and its insightful intensity are very well incorporated in these wooden strips. A wooden flooring without letting nature bear its cost; there couldn’t be a better deal than Foresta Tiles.


Roccia, tiles that are tough as rock by Oasis Tiles owes its quality to groundbreaking technology and sound resources amalgamated to design this strong and reliable range. Outdoor space often receives sturdy but boring tiles. However, being one of the best tiles companies in India, Oasis Tiles presents a range of beautifully designed outdoor tiles to cater to any outdoor spacing. Design your outdoor space with the collection of Roccia Tiles today!


Oasis Tiles specialises in the classic collection of PGVT – GVT Tiles. Glazed Vitrified Tiles and polished glazed vitrified tiles are the old and experienced players of the ceramic industry. Oasis Tiles develops their starting modern avatars using state of the art such that whether it is their core strength or surface lustre, nothing fades with time. In fact it is their eternal beauty that makes them mass favorite. With the details and patterns of PGVT – GVT Tiles, they are a fit for any room.




There is no denying the fact that Sugar Finish is loved and preferred by all, due to its unique surface beauty. Oasis Tiles has added a special touch of stability and fashion to the already dynamic sugar finish to provide you a series that can communicate both royalty and contemporary elegance in one go. Sugar Finish Tiles are tiles that are all about neat finish, alluring patterns and a subtle backdrop.



Oslim Tiles give a perfect impression to detailed and cosy houses. They have a natural appeal and a sound finesse apart from being wear & tear resistant. Subtle yet detailed, these tiles often fall in the darker palette suitable for any cosy and luxurious room.


Metallic has been the talk of the town for quite a few years. Its soulful glory can leave anyone spellbound and Oasis Tiles has made this spirit concrete by getting carving metallic in their tile collection. These tiles are robust and ravishing. Unlike the regular metallic finish tiles, these come with a promise of durability and long term surface life.



Double charge vitrified tiles have always been in the good books of people for their durability and glorious look. These traits met the oasis manufacturing parameters and Maxima came to life. Distinctive patterns and flexible size alternatives makes range a go to series of tiles for all sorts of heavy traffic areas.



Ceramic Wall Tiles developed under this series have been a game changer in the interior wall tiles collection. Their details and intricacy make them the hero when it comes to adding more character to your rooms.

With these collections of tiles and many more to offer, Oasis Tiles takes the lead as one of the most approved and best tiles companies in India. To have Oasis Tiles under your feet and know more, read


Celebrate Monsoon with Floor Tiles by Oasis

Monsoon is finally here!

Whether you are remodelling your outdoor area or are working on your patio space for the first time, Oasis Tiles India, outshines the countless ceramic floor tiles options you might get.

A patio space or any paving, with a nearby pool or a small handcrafted garden area deserves a good amount of attention and maintenance before and while the rain showers are pouring. Apart from the hygiene and safety matters, it is also essential that your patio does not look messy or excessively slippery due to the after-mess rain creates.

To cater to this and ease up  the process of maintaining your outdoor area, Oasis Tiles offers a variety of ceramic floor tiles that work well for any monsoon prone area. With our water absorbent, easy to clean and countless designs of ceramic floor tiles, Oasis Tiles is the best companion of any house owner having a huge outdoor patio or paving area.

Whether you want a scandinavian touch of neat grey ceramic floor tiles or a floor made up of wood-like ceramic floor tiles slabs, we offer various designs and patterns right from pale peach tiles to a fusion of greys and ochres that resemble the wave-like pattern. Durable and sturdy, these ceramic floor tiles are specifically made to give the monsoon feel to your house.

While the plants in your backyard carry droplets of rainwater and the weather gets colder, it’s time to light a small bonfire outside and enjoy the onset of monsoon as the ceramic floor tiles by Oasis Tiles works its charm of providing a perfect backdrop to your outdoor area. Keep aside all worries of maintenance or developing a cleaning routine because Oasis Tiles has you covered and protected from the heavy rains this monsoon.

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