The New Way to Design your Living Room

There are a lot of things to consider when designing your living rooms. It could be something as simple as the position of the lights to something as complex as the texture and design of the backdrop, designing a house is an art in itself. Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading ceramic manufacturing companies in India, brings to you some quick tips to design your perfect living room. Presenting to you the new way to design your living room without hurting your pockets :


When it comes to any room, take a living room for an instance, it becomes important to decide the purpose of a room and arrange the furniture accordingly. If the family has kids, the furniture should be minimal to allow them more space to play while if the family hosts a lot of parties, there should be maximum seating space as possible. Whether or not the room has windows with a great view will also determine the way the furniture needs to be arranged and placed. Some other quick tips are using the natural focal points as the fireplaces, view or frames etc. as the style statements of a room.


The size of the room plays a key role in the way it should be designed. In a small living room, cramming with too much furniture is never a good option. In case of really large rooms, filling up the spaces can be a difficult task. This is where colours and lighting comes to the rescue. As a ceramic tiles manufacturer in India, Oasis Tiles has observed the general practice to make a room more appealing. A small room should never have dark or large furniture and should be enhanced with small and neutral shaded pieces.


It is better to avoid cramping up a passageway or entrances with furniture or other decorative pieces. Ensure that the guests entering have ample walking space and the room or passage should offer plenty of clearance for luggage bags and pets etc. Even in the case of plants, the guests shouldn’t need to fight past anything to enter the house so they should either be avoided or should be planned so as to occupy less space. When designing your room, you have complete control over how guests will move around the house. Place your furniture in a way that it doesn’t block the way and also leave enough space between the walls and furniture to provide sufficient walking space.


The main trick to infusing light in any room is to use as much natural light as possible. But it is also essential to not rely on any single source of light but to create multiple layers of light that intersect and blend with each other to give the room a unique effect. Oasis Tiles, one of the leading ceramic tiles manufacturers in India, has designed various polished and glazed tile ranges that bounce backlight and make the room look larger. Along with that, a combination of ceiling lights, sconces, floor lamps etc. can be used to blend multiple light sources. The corners of the room should be well-lit to strike a perfect balance. Using taller lights can make the ceiling look higher, thereby enhancing the overall image of the room.


Nothing can be as boring as a room with plain walls. Oasis Tiles brings to you a wide range of ceramic wall tiles in every possible shade, texture and finish to achieve the look that will perfectly go with your theme for the room. Being a ceramic tile manufacturer in India for over a decade, Oasis Tiles offers endless possibilities of creativity when it comes to decorating your wall spaces. You can either use an artwork and play with the lights to give the wall a subtle yet classy look or you could use photo frames or fancy wall tiles to add more character and life to your living room.

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A Kitchen is probably the only room in the house that can have several tiles and all of them can blend together to enhance the kitchen beautifully. When picking the right kitchen wall tiles design, it is essential to understand where exactly they are going to be placed. The exposure to heat and moisture along with various other factors like the foot-traffic a room attracts and the aesthetic appeal of a room plays a huge role in determining the type of tiles to be chosen.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Oasis Tiles crafts a wonderful collection of tiles that fits perfectly in any and every room. While Oasis caters to your tiling need, it also cuts through the clutter of choice and simplifies the process by presenting to you some basic rules for picking any kitchen wall tiles:

Choose Easy-to-Clean & Durable Tiles

Setting up or renovating a kitchen can cause a big hole in your pocket so the key to ensuring you get value for your money is going for durable tiles. One major advantage of using kitchen wall tiles is that they are the easiest to clean. Cleaning is a troublesome task and hence, easy-to-clean tiles should always rank towards the top in your kitchen wall tiles consideration. As it is the space where you cook, clean and maybe even enjoy your meals, cleanliness is a must. The best pick is something that won’t stain or crack easily. While glossy tiles are easy to clean with a simple stroke, some tiles require special solutions to clean them. The longevity of each material differs and thus is the case with tiles. Kitchen wall tiles are exposed to moisture, heat and stains. The trick here is to pick wall tiles that can handle the daily wear and tear but still look great.

Kitchen Wall Tiles


Match your Cabinets

The cabinets or the storage spaces occupy the central look of any kitchen since that’s the primary furniture any kitchen has. They often determine the overall look of the kitchen space. The cabinet finish you choose can help determine your kitchen tile choice, as they will need to live in harmony to create cohesive design. The combination of colours, contrasts and lighting needs to have a perfect balance to create the desired impact.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

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Decorate Your Wall With Oasis Tiles

The world of ceramic wall tiles is huge and limitless. Amidst the thousands of wall tiles designs available, it might get overwhelming to pick which one you’d like to see on the walls of your home.

Oasis Tiles brings to you various wall tiles designs that cater to every visual aspect – right from the basic, simplest needs to the complex, luxurious and elegant ones. Here are some tips on how to use wall tiles to upgrade the look of your entire home:


If your idea for a perfect room is to make your walls look more live and artistic, there’s nothing more suitable than using digital ceramic wall tiles to decorate your walls. These tiles are designed by exceptional printing technology which imposes a graphic style on the surface of the tiles and makes the entire space look unique and dynamic.


If you like rooms that are filled with tiles right from the floor to the wall, the aesthetic look is what you should aim to achieve. This sort of tile plan offers a classy and polished look to the entire room and also expands the visibility of the space. Glazed tiles used in such tiles structures reflect light and thus, light up your room.


This is the technique of using walls as a backsplash to a central object or a room. The aim is to create a perfect backsplash which allows us to utilise the space and add some character to the room. The splash can be enhanced by adding unusual shaped tiles or tiles with unique designs and dramatic textures.

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Pros of Using Contemporary High Gloss Tiles

There is no doubt in the fact that using contemporary high gloss tiles makes your room look more stunning, sophisticated and elegant. But there’s always more to any story than what meets the eye. Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading ceramic manufacturing companies in India, brings to you the Pros of using Contemporary High Gloss Tiles:


Making Small Rooms Appear Large

Glossy tiles are reflective, thus they make light bounce around the room. This reflected light tricks the mind into optically making the room look larger than it actually is. This makes glossy tiles a perfect choice for smaller rooms, especially tight packed bathrooms.


Easy to Clean

Since gloss tiles are slippery, dust and smears can be easily cleaned off its surface. This makes high gloss tiles a perfect fit for bathroom wall tiles and kitchen backsplashes. They also work well around fireplaces since cleaning becomes an easier job.

Aesthetic Look

High Gloss Tiles are one of the most aesthetically pleasing tiles since they are simplistic and minimal, yet elegant and stunning. They reflect light which makes the room look brighter and larger, which also adds to the beauty of the room. Also, High Gloss Tiles can make even the dark rooms look brighter and well-lit.

Makes Dark Rooms appear Brighter

High Gloss Tiles have shiny surfaces that reflect light, making a room look more illuminated than it really is. High Gloss Tiles can make any room appear lighter and brighter, especially when white tiles are used. They are an ideal pick when it comes to working with any room with low lighting or dark walls.


With this, the choice of tiles still depends on your personal preference and on the look you want to achieve for your house. Oasis Tiles is a ceramic manufacturing company in India that offers various products and types of tiles. To find out more about our products, refer –

Sanitary ware to Enhance the Look of your House

India being a country with growing population, the need and demand of sanitary ware is also at a hike. There has been a tremendous change in the choices and lifestyle of people since the past few years and sanitary ware is no exception to this trend. Moreover, it is expected for these changes to be continuous. Over time, what was just a basic necessity has now become much more than that.

Nowadays, people demand designer decorative sanitary ware that does just more than satisfying some basic necessity. It modifies the look of the entire toilet/ bathroom and adds an aesthetic visual appeal to it. Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading tiles manufacturers in India, not only manufactures ceramic tiles but also offers various sanitary ware products that enhance the entire look and theme of your house.

A wash basin plays the key role in adding an aesthetic value to your house. It’s the element where you can try being artistic or bold since it acts like the art piece in your bathroom that can be customised to your wish and desires. A wash basin no longer plays a secondary role in interior designing. In these days, a wash basin is designed to have an aesthetic impact, hygienic value as well as to serve towards the purpose of space utilization in the bathroom. Wash basins always help you out to give a desired look to your toilet/ bathroom.


Table top basins normally sit atop a vanity unit or a worktop which makes the basin appear like a separate bowl that can be picked up or moved. Table top basins can be customised to suit most bathrooms and are very widely used since they generally give off a very modern and luxurious look.



Wall hung basins are hung directly onto the walls, using brackets, to create a more minimalistic effect. Since they need not be accompanied by a table or counter top, they are space – friendly and especially useful in cases of small bathrooms or spaciously designed ones.

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Give your Rooms a Makeover with Oasis Tiles

This festive season, Oasis Tiles – one of the leading ceramic floor and wall tiles manufacturers of India, has made it easy to give your house a quick makeover with the least efforts. A wise choice of floor and wall tiles is all you need to give your home an unexpectedly beautiful makeover. With a touch of creativity and colours, you can remodel your rooms and bring life to them like never before. Here’s how:


To add a natural touch to your home, pick your outdoor patio, pool, garden or parking space. You can remodel them with natural ceramic floor tiles. If you wish to add a natural touch to your living rooms or bedroom, Oasis Tiles has an eco-friendly collection called Foresta which is the perfect floor for your rooms. Wooden finish tiles or wooden strips usually fail to imitate nature appropriately. But the strips that are developed under foresta hold deep ingrained wooden impression. The firmness of the natural wood and its insightful intensity are very well incorporated in these wooden strips. A wooden flooring without letting nature bear its cost; there couldn’t be a better deal than Foresta Tiles.


To make your room more stylish and modern, the trick is to give it a contemporary touch. Modern trends feature bold colours and contrasts. Aspero Tiles by Oasis Tiles feature matte-finish tiles to add an element of boldness to a simple room. When your room is filled with light shades and pale furniture or decor, Aspero tiles perfectly contrast and thus complement the overall feel of your room. Complete any room with the power of contrast and boldness that act as a perfect finishing touch.


Subtle taste is the most common when it comes to picking ceramic tiles for bedrooms. Subtle colours and tiles bring an element of comfort and add peace to the overall ambience. They usually involve light coloured patterns on the walls and floor tiles. Our Oslim Tiles give a perfect impression to detailed and cosy houses. They have a natural appeal and a sound finesse apart from being wear & tear resistant. Subtle yet detailed, these tiles often fall in the darker palette suitable for any cosy and luxurious room.


If you aim to achieve the elegant look for your house that leave people awestruck, Oasis Tiles – one of the leading ceramic floor tiles manufacturers in India, offers a special range of tiles catered for you. There is no denying the fact that Sugar Finish Tiles by Oasis Tiles are loved and preferred by all, due to their unique surface beauty. Oasis Tiles has added a special touch of stability and fashion to the already dynamic sugar finish to provide you a series that can communicate both royalty and contemporary elegance in one go. Sugar Finish Tiles are tiles that are all about neat finish, alluring patterns and a subtle backdrop.

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Introducing O-slim, Our Slimmest Tiles Collection

Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading floor tiles manufacturers, always aims at bringing to you the products that are the best output of technology, innovation and visual appeal. Recently we have been working towards our new product that combines and executes this intention and will give your house a classy and vibrant look like never before. Presenting to you O-slim Tiles Collection by Oasis Tiles.

The Slimmest Tiles Collection

It is time to #GoSlim with O-slim Tiles Collection by Oasis Tiles. Introducing our slimmest tiles ever! With the size of 60 x 120 cm and a thickness of just 6 mm, O-slim Tiles are our latest launch that work towards bringing technology and innovation together.

Visual Appeal

Many a times we notice that well designed houses fail to make an impression due to poor wall tiles. This will no longer be the story of any house, thanks to O-slim Tiles. Their natural appeal and surface finesse make the room look more classy and their polished surfaces reflect light, making the room look vibrant and well-lit.


Wear & Tear Resistant

Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading floor tiles manufacturers, understands the need to have tiles that are wear & tear resistant. Our recent tiles collection, O-slim Tiles, is made using avant garde materials and technology that make them sound and wear and tear resistant. With the slimmest 6mm tiles that are easy to maintain and offer wear & tear resistance, there couldn’t have been a better option than our O-slim Tiles.

Various Colours & Designs

O-slim Tiles come in a variety of colours and designs. O-slim Tiles Collection includes tiles like Fenicia Nero with a grey-black finish, Quantum Copper with blended shades of beige and much more. They’re the perfect tiles to brighten up your walls as their polished look reflects light and makes any room look well-lit. They have a classy and aesthetic visual appeal and come in tons of designs, making it suitable for each and every room. Gift your walls the affordable luxury of O-slim Tiles today!

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Decorate your Homes with Oasis Tiles

Decorate your Homes with Oasis Tiles

Gone are the days when tiles were just meant to be a backsplash and save you the hassle of cleaning. Tiles designs are now crafted and beautifully designed having the power to completely transform and enhance the look of any room.

Here are a few ways in which you can decorate your homes using tiles designs by Oasis Tiles :


Creating a ‘rug’ using tiles and tile designs is not only a way of creating more visual space in the room but is also a way to add more character and interest to your room. They also work well for outdoors since they define a space perfectly and helps you divide an area using the rug effect, thus enabling you to define various areas within a space.


The fancy and bold walls look can be created by mixing and matching various tiles designs and patterns to make the walls a subtle yet a stunning focal point in the room. This could either be in a kitchen or bedroom or even in the living and dining room. When the decor and furniture is kept simple, these fancy and bold walls will become the centre of attention and will add more character to any plain room.


It is always wise to opt for uncluttered and clean tiling on bathroom walls. A bathroom should not only look spacious but should also have a decent amount of lighting which is why contrasts and reflection of lights becomes essential. The bathroom should create an overall calming effect and impart a sense of wellbeing.


Available in a variety of colours, there’s more to the grouting than what meets the eye. You could choose a pastel colour with plain white or neutral tiles or could pick the classic black and gold themes to make your room look more interesting and unique. It is also possible to match the colours of the tiles or to create a contrast with the furniture in the room. Say goodbye to the usual discolouration and try out this look by using coloured grouting.

For more ideas to decorate your homes with tiles designs by Oasis Tiles and to explore our products, visit – for more details.



Wall Tiles Design For Your Office

When setting up an office, one of the main concerns is the type of Office tiles design to choose. Choosing from an array of designs can be a difficult task. But Oasis Tiles has crafted for you a collection of breathtaking Wall Tiles Design for Office that exhibits your luxurious taste to the onlookers. Here are a few tips Oasis Tiles brings to you with regards to picking the suitable Wall Tiles Design for your Office:

Minimal Look

Modern designs don’t always mean an extensive set-up with a blend of various hues and colours. Minimalism works its charm in the best way to make any office space look more extravagant and classy. Any spacious office space with the least amount of furniture and simple designs for floor as well as wall tiles can be the key to making your office area look more appealing and work-worthy.

Making a Statement

When you pick the right kind of tiles for your floor and walls that go well with the overall lighting and all other minor elements combined together, you can never fail to make a statement. The wall tiles designs and the overall look should be alluring enough to make someone want to settle in for work. The wisest choice would be to pick the designs that suit your office and work culture best.

Professional Approach

The wall tiles can be suited to the profession or the energy an office is intended to carry. In case of a profession like finance or consultancy services, the wall tiles could be more minimal. Creative or evolving business could go for a bold look where the tiled walls would be mixed and matched with painted ones and adorned with matching or contrasting frames to jazz up the look.

Overall Work Atmosphere

Stencil designs, tiled walls serve a better purpose in creating the first impression about the overall work atmosphere and can go beyond the traditional role of serving as a place of work and discussion.

Lighting & Contrasts

It should always be kept in mind that the workplace should be spacious enough and well-lit. An office with a good amount of natural lighting always brings out the best in terms of mood and efficiency and also induces a level of vibrancy into the workplace.

Oasis Tiles brings to you a variety of Wall Tiles Design for Office to suit the requirement of each and every office. You can find out more and explore our collection at –


Lavish Living with Oasis Tiles India

Oasis Tiles, one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in India, has been working towards building a range of luxurious house tiles that define your lavish lifestyle. Tiles and their designs matter a lot in style and looks of the flooring to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your homes.

Be it floor tiles, kitchen or wall tiles for your bathroom or the outdoors of any luxuriously constructed house, unique designed ceramic tiles prove to be a valuable option to give your house the lavish and complete look.


The floor of any room looks more attractive and desirable if the flooring is filled with beautifully styled and polished tiles. These days, the trend to define the look and feel of any room is to go for the classics and luxurious looking tiles.

Being one of the largest ceramic tiles manufacturers in India, Oasis Tiles caters to this current trend and offers durable tiles with an aesthetic appeal.


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Being one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in India. Oasis Tiles have various designs, colours, patterns and textures that best fit the look of any room and make it look delighting from every perspective. The use of digital technology makes these tiles look more polished and adorable. The play of colours in your ceramic tiles can also save you the cost of interior decor and manual artwork as your tiles can create an equally wonderful impact.


If you are a fan of wooden flooring, Oasis Tiles eco-friendly collection called Foresta is the perfect floor for your rooms. With wooden flooring, there’s a higher chance of scratches or damage while the on the other hand, the use of ceramic tiles not only has an aesthetic appeal but they prove to be more hassle free and low maintenance .

Wooden finish tiles or wooden strips usually fail to imitate nature appropriately. But the strips that are developed under foresta hold deep ingrained wooden impression. The firmness of the natural wood and its insightful intensity are very well incorporated in these wooden strips. A wooden flooring without letting nature bear its cost; there couldn’t be a better deal than the Foresta range by Oasis Tiles.


Wooden floors are prone to scratches and require a lot of maintenance. Also, the use of wooden flooring and carpets brings along a frequent complaint of gathering of dirt and dust which can make the room unhygienic and messy. Ceramic Tiles are waterproof, polished and scratch-proof. These tiles by Oasis Tiles are the most affordable luxury that not only appeals to the eye but also to the hardly required effort of cleaning and maintenance.

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