Best Interior Design Tiles For Home


Interior designing is a very skilful profession. It offers one a beautiful way of streamlining their creative thoughts and bring them to life. A lot of people believe that interior designing is an overpriced profession but that’s not true. An interior designer has an eye for the intricate detailing about every corner of the room. This knack for details and creativity make their profession so complex and competitive.

Interior designing has different elements that need to be evaluated before one starts working on projects in real-time. Finding an interior design tile that would compliment these elements is quite essential. It’s the basic aim of interior design to have a uniform look and feel for the entire house. One of the basic struggles we feel any interior designer faces is to match up to their client’s expectations and their creative vision simultaneously.

Today, the market offers infinite tile designs. These varied options have given the interior designs the freedom to merge different looks in one space. The options to play with colours, patterns, shapes have opened up widely in these contemporary times. Due to this, the scope in this field has boosted up. What a designer needs to understand is what’s the basic want of the client while designing their space? Do they want to make it look spacious? Do they want to go trendy? Do they want to keep it subtle or would they like it aesthetic? When there’s a clear understanding of what needs to be delivered, you will be able to cater to the needs successfully.

Today We Are Going to Suggest how You Can Use Different Interior Tiles by Oasis Tiles in Designing Any Space.

Interior Design Tiles For Living Room:

Maxima, Double Charge Vitrified Tiles, will give a perfect designer look to the living room. With very distinctive patterns, these interior tiles will be an ideal choice for designing any living room. Besides this, Sugar finish tiles offer an impeccable finesse. With these tile designs, you can bring the creative thoughts to life. High Gloss tiles are another collection fit for living room designs. These tiles are durable, scratch-resistant and a perfect example of classiness. The colours and patterns available in these tiles offer you the freedom to play with the other elements of the space. You can play with different room decor, lights, walls, etc. Besides these elements, there’s always some room to play along with the home decor.

Tile Designs For Bedroom:

A bedroom is a very private space for any person. While designing a bedroom, it is essential to maintain that private vibe in the look of it. How it appears contributes a lot to how it will make one feel. High Gloss tiles, Sugar Finish, Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Maxima are the best-suited tiles for designing a bedroom. These tiles will also play a perfect role as interior wall tiles. In these contemporary times, people have a growing love for walls designed with tiles. With PGVT Tiles, you can give a very subliminal feel to the bedroom. Pairing it up with other room decors like curtains that will complement the tile colours, wall hangings or frames, antics or wooden shelves. These tiles will make a perfect match for your creative vision when paired with contrasting room decor.

Interior Tiles For Commercial Spaces:

We feel the basic expectation of a client while you design their commercial space, is to keep it very subtle. As an interior designer, the ideas always keep on flowing and you have multiple options to design a working space. Maxima by Oasis tiles is the ideal tile type for designing an office. These tiles are highly durable and they will offer a classic and elegant touch to the office space. You can use decor materials like a tiny flower vase, a sofa of contrasting colour, frames or wall hanging to set the vibe just right! You can use tiles that will make the office look spacious like rectangular tiles with a polished glazed look.

With this fine range of tile collection, Oasis Tiles hope to provide you with infinite options for interior wall tiles and tile designs so you don’t have to compromise your creative vision.

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interior design tiles


interior design tiles


interior design tiles