Basic Rules For Picking Kitchen Wall Tiles


Basic Rules For Picking Kitchen Wall Tiles

A Kitchen is probably the only room in the house that can have several tiles and all of them can blend together to enhance the kitchen beautifully. When picking the right kitchen wall tiles, it is essential to understand where exactly they are going to be placed.

The exposure to heat and moisture along with various other factors like the foot-traffic a room attracts and the aesthetic appeal of a room plays a huge role in determining the type of tiles to be chosen.

Oasis Tiles crafts a wonderful collection of tiles that fits perfectly in any and every room. While Oasis caters to your tiling need, it also cuts through the clutter of choice and simplifies the process by presenting to you some basic rules for picking any kitchen wall tiles:

Choose Easy-to-Clean & Durable Tiles
Setting up or renovating a kitchen can cause a big hole in your pocket so the key to ensuring you get value for your money is going for durable tiles. One major advantage of using kitchen wall tiles is that they are the easiest to clean. Cleaning is a troublesome task and hence, easy-to-clean tiles should always rank towards the top in your kitchen wall tiles consideration.

As it is the space where you cook, clean and maybe even enjoy your meals, cleanliness is a must. The best pick is something that won’t stain or crack easily. While glossy tiles are easy to clean with a simple stroke, some tiles require special solutions to clean them. The longevity of each material differs and thus is the case with tiles. Kitchen wall tiles are exposed to moisture, heat and stains. The trick here is to pick wall tiles that can handle the daily wear and tear but still look great.

Match your Cabinets
The cabinets or the storage spaces occupy the central look of any kitchen since that’s the primary furniture any kitchen has. They often determine the overall look of the kitchen space. The cabinet finish you choose can help determine your kitchen tile choice, as they will need to live in harmony to create cohesive design. The combination of colours, contrasts and lighting needs to have a perfect balance to create the desired impact.

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