Tips To Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxurious


Tips to Make your Bathroom look more Luxurious

On returning home from an eventful day, the first thing that pops up in our minds is to pamper ourselves with a relaxing and refreshing bath. In today’s world, a bath and bathroom have started being related to leisure and self-care. It has recently been found that a bath and the ambiance of a bathroom has a significant impact on one’s mental health. It has finally been concluded that the trick to an aesthetic bathroom does not lie in luxurious bathtubs or in aesthetic toiletries. The trick to transforming the look and the overall feel of any bathroom lies in the play of colors, lighting and most importantly the patterns along with the choice of Bathroom Wall Tiles.

With this, Oasis Tiles brings you some tips to make your bathroom look more attractive and luxurious by using Bathroom Wall Tiles to up your game :
It is now possible to give a wooden effect to spaces like a bathroom with the help of modern technology of digital porcelain tiles. Give your bathroom the warmth of the wood and the calmness of a natural spa along with the benefits of ceramic resistance to water and dampness along with the ease of maintenance. Go eco-friendly with the wooden wall tiles from Oasis Tiles that are a perfect fit for your relaxing bath.

Create Separate Areas using Different Wall Tiles
You can perfectly customize your bathroom by using different wall tiles to create separate areas within the same room. Moreover, if your bathroom has a toilet along with the shower space, you can create a perception about separating both by using different Bathroom Wall Tiles for both sections. You can also use this trick to give the classy look to your bathroom. For an instance, you could use dark wall tiles to mark the area around the mirror and complete the adjoining wall with a lighter shade.

Use Nature as a Texture in your Bathroom Wall Tiles
To have a more relaxing bath & spa effect and to feel closer to nature, you could tweak your ordinary Bathroom Wall Tiles to give you the perception of an outdoor bath by using natural textures like bamboo, wood etc. This would help you create a soothing and peaceful environment ideal for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath.

Using the Same Wall & Floor Tile
This is a classic style of using an optical illusion to make the bathroom look more spacious and airy. This makes your bathroom look more sophisticated and complete and also ensures that the ambiance of the room is more enclosed and personal. For this, it is possible to pick the same light or dark shade or the contrasting variation of the wall tile shade for the floor tile and vice versa.

The options are countless but the result is just one – a customized Bathroom offering you a time of leisure and self-care after any tiring day. To know more and build your Bathroom with our Bathroom Wall Tiles, visit Oasis Tiles