Tiles for all that_s Glitz and Glam- PGVT_GVT


Tiles for all that_s Glitz and Glam- PGVT_GVT

What Is PGVT/GVT- Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles/Glazed

Vitrified Floor Tiles:
Tiles are typically divided into two categories based its compression and porosity, Ceramic Tiles and Vitrified Tiles. While ceramic tiles are semi-porous and absorb about 3% to 6% water. Whereas vitrified tiles are non-porous, heavy and can take on the high load, making it a long-lasting choice for flooring purposes.

Although vitrified floor tiles are ideal for any surrounding, this blog is to help you understand which tiles would suit your business spaces. Now that you have a basic understanding of what we are talking about, let's get into the depths of one of the best tiles that will give your business the style statement it deserves.

Venezia Range:
Our collection of Venezia Range under the PGVT/GVT series is carefully crafted with highly detailed asymmetrical designs that add chaos of symphony. These tiles are digitally printed tiles that will not only withstand the heat, pressure and rough use but also provide you with looks that will enthrall you.

These vitrified floor tiles are made for some amazing business area décor like the reception area, lounges, waiting area and mall flooring. It is a great range of tiles to own if you want to create a lasting first impression. It is a perfect blend of style and performance that blends in with any environment and enhances its look.

Venezia Range comes with a glossy finish and is available at 80 by 120 cm size in three shades; Venezia Charcoal (inserted in the image), Venezia Light and Venezia Aestetica White.

So don't hold back and make your dream of luxurious spaces come true with Venezia Range of vitrified floor tiles by Oasis Tiles.

Tropic Wood Range:
Imagine the café or restaurant of your dream with lights that are so stylish that it creates an ambiance your patrons would love. Light music in the background that would lift up anyone's mood and make them tap their foot, with delightful and scrumptious food that would make them drool for more. Can't ask for anything more, can you? Well, you can, you should. A perfect set of tiles that complements everything we are talking and you are dreaming about.

Well, if we are on the same page? Then, let us introduce you to our Tropic Wood Range tile. These tiles are specially designed to give your space that wooden look inspired by nature without cutting trees. These vitrified floor tiles are not only suitable for business but also for your home. However, let's focus on how it will enhance your business.

It's needless to say that Tropic Wood Range tiles are one of the best in the class in terms of quality and design. These stylish tiles blend in with the overall ambiance of your business spaces giving it not just an ethnic but also a contemporary look depending on the lights and other furniture that you get installed.

Tropic Wood Range comes in a glossy finish and is available at 60 by 120 cm size in six mind-blowing shades; Tropic Wood Acero (inserted in the image), Tropic Wood Beige, Tropic Wood Brown, Roots Caoba Wood, Roots Leno Wood and Roots Teka Wood.

So give your business the look you always wanted with our wood look range.

The Rock Range:
If you think PGVT/GVT tiles stand only for strong tiles, allow us to change your opinion. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the Rock Range tiles that we call the diva of PGVT/GVT series. If style is what you seek, you might want to read this carefully. The Rock Range is a beautiful collection of strong tiles that will always have a character of its own, irrespective of the lights that you choose to place it under.

Crafted to perfection, these tiles are pleasing to your eyes and best suited for the business of Glitz and Glam. The Rock Range tiles are designed keeping in mind the most trending and fashionable patterns and colors.

If you are someone who lives by the mantra of "dress to impress" and want to transcend this quality to your business we highly recommend you give this range a shot. The quality of style and strength goes hand in hand in this range of tiles making it an ideal pick for your fashion spaces.

Rock Range comes in a glossy finish and is available at a size of 60 by 60 cm with a wide range of seven pleasing colors. Rock Krem and Rock Braz (inserted in the image), Rock Ciemny Bez, Rock Jasny Bez, Blush Travertino Beige, Blush Travertino Crema and Lorien Wood Brown.

e hope this write-up helped you understand and get familiarised with one of the best vitrified floor tiles for your business. To know more visit Oasis Tiles and make the right choice.