Reflections of summer


Reflections of summer

Summer is here with its heat and sweat, but that's not all that summer is about. Summer is also about shimmer, fashion, shine and everything fine. So don't just style yourself, style your home too. How you ask? Well, we have the answers, not just that. We have a list of answers and suggestions for you to pick from.

Glossy Finish Tiles
Glascow is a collection of glossy finish digital glazed vitrified tiles series that comes in four different shades, Glascow White (used in the image), Glascow Black, Glascow Green, and Glascow Brown. All these tiles are available in the size of 60 by 120 cm.

This summer, we recommend you use the Glascow White for your living room. These tiles will not only help your spaces reflect extra sunlight but also look amazing alongside the various elements like furniture, decor and centre and corner tables. Another reason we recommend these tiles is the way they bring out the overall look of the space making it look more spacious and appealing to our eyes.

So, don't wait and enjoy summertime with your loved ones while Binge watching your latest Netflix shows. No need to thank us…

Wood Finish Tiles
Looking for ways to enhance the look of your study room this summer? We have just what you need with our wood finish collection. Wood finish collection is another beautiful collection from the digital glazed vitrified tiles series. This collection is also available in four shades. Oak Wood (used in the image), Rich Wood Natural, Rich Wood Wenge and Rich Wood Brown. All these tiles are available in the size of 60 by 120 cm.

Tiles like Oak Wood gives your space a very English look making it an ideal pick to decorate your home this summer. This collection will make your study room look rich and royal without the use of wood and the heat that the wood absorb. Being glazed these tiles reflect the extra sunlight making the room look brighter and cooler.

Another reason why we recommend wood finish tiles for your study is the way it complements your furniture and proves to be the exact match for your shelves, tables, and a casual study lounger. Not just this, wood proves to be the perfect companion for your paperback books or a digital library. So go ahead and style your study this summer with a royal English look.

Rustic Finish Collection
Looking for Turkish Baths? This summer we bring the wonders for Istanbul to your home with our Rustic Finish Collection, tiles ideal for a bathroom that will speak class, luxury, and style together. This summer is going to get hotter and if you are looking for those amazing and lavish spas and baths we highly recommend this collection.

Rustic Finish Collection is also a part of our Digital Glazed Vitrifies Tiles series and comes in five patterns- Aracena 1, Aracena 2, Aracena 3, Katia Wood and Belli (used in the image) these tiles are available in the size of 60 by 60 cm. Rustic Finish Collection has the perfect blend of multi shades and patterns that come together to form a masterpiece. So light scented candles and indulge yourself in an experience that is out of the ordinary, after all, it's all about how it makes you feel.

So, go ahead and pick the best tiles for your entire home and make it look amazing this summer, coz you know what they say. It's now or never.

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