Perfect Living Room Tiles Design For Your Living Room


Perfecting your Living Room with Oasis Tiles

Oasis Tiles has established itself as one of the best ceramic tiles manufacturers in India. With this comes the experience of designing living rooms that can witness the gathering of an entire family that spends time together.

We all know that it is essential to design a living room that holds a sense of style and is also comfortable at the same time. Oasis Tiles introduces wide range of living room tiles for giving a perfect look to your living room. Here are a few tips by Oasis Tiles to help you design a perfect living room:

Colour Scheme:
Whenever it comes to any living room, the colours generally preferred are more subtle and pale. Apart from serving as a neutral palette backdrop, the walls of your living room can be your canvas to portray your masterpiece and your unique combination of colours, textures and shades thrown into a wall or in the tiles on your floor. You can either try the classic styles by working your walls and floors with a variety of neutral and lighter shades or can choose to go bold by applying any bright colour to add a striking effect to your living room.

The natural lighting of a room not only affects the overall energy and ambience of a room but also bestows positivity and a motivating morning to the people living in the house. Where a room is not in exposure to enough natural light, it is advisable to add artificial sources of light and make sure they all go in sync with each other rather than illuminating separate regions of the room. Bedside lamps, table or floor lamps, central fixtures or intricate and delicate chandeliers can be used to add light and play with the overall lighting of a room.

Colours talk the most when furniture is seen the least. When with furniture, to have a luxurious living room, it is wise to follow the less is more approach and fill up your living room with few but aesthetic and classy items of furniture rather than dumping all possible furniture that could work well in the same living room. Small tricks like dividing spaces using rugs or placing furniture closer to each other can bring a sense of intimacy to the room, thus striking more conversations among the people living and sitting in the room.

The flooring that you choose should not only be aesthetic and pleasing but should mainly serve your house practically. Polished tiles that are resistant, durable and scratch-free or floors with tiles that mimic the effect of a wooden flooring, Oasis Tiles, being one of the leading ceramic tiles manufacturers in India, offers an unimaginable collection and variety with respect to the floor and wall tiles. A good living room tiles can infuse life into any dull room.

Curtains are one of the major elements that put together and add a classy charm to your entire room - right from the tall curtains that stand above your windows and make your room look large and spacious or the ones that separate your room from the balcony. Curtains add a blend of colours to your room and can be contrasted and colour co-ordinated to blend in or stand out from the rest of the room. Moreover, curtains can be changed as per the mood or season and it helps in renewing the entire impact and energy of a room with extreme ease. Curtains not only liven up the area but also add a more breezy and fresh character to your living rooms.

Apart from these, there are many other elements that influence the look and the overall impact your living room endorses. To know more about Oasis Tiles - one of the best ceramic tiles manufacturers in India - and explore their tiles collections, visit Oasis Tiles