Awards & Achievements By Oasis Tiles


Oasis Tiles- Milestones and Achievements

Ever since we leave for work in the morning, we anticipate the moment we would return home, step out of our shoes and comfortably fall on the couch after a tiresome day. The feelings we relate to everything and anything that reminds us of home is always a very comforting and positive emotion.

Be it the walls that we first see the moment we open our eyes in the morning or the sight of the same floor that comforts us when we return home after an eventful day, every corner of our house is deeply etched in our minds.

It is often said that the ambience and the overall energy of a place has a great impact on our health - physical as well as mental. Science has proved that the colours, designs and lighting of a room significantly affect our energy and productivity levels. Thus, the walls and floors of our house are not just a play of bricks, cement and colours but are of much more importance in shaping our overall lifestyle than we think.

When the floor of our house carries so much impact on our health as well as for envious eyes that look at it, why compromise on it with some unreliable floor tiles manufacturer when you have Oasis Tiles right here as an affordable luxury? Oasis Tiles is a certified floor tiles manufacturer that has achieved the following awards and recognition for its work in the field of designing homes and imparting a lavish lifestyle.

QSA International Certificate Of Registration:
QSA International is a global certification institute in United Kingdom, accredited from Centre for Global Accreditation (CGA), Germany and offering organizations competitive and independent assessments and registration services for System & Product Certification services as per ISO 17021 Standard requirement.

Oasis Tiles has been certified by QSA International for complying to the requirements of Construction Products Regulation (CPR 305/2011) for the scope of Ceramic Tiles, thus proving its quality as a floor tiles manufacturer.

WCRC Leaders Asia Award:
Mr. Sukhdev Patel, the Chairman and Managing Director of Oasis Tiles - India has been awarded and selected as the Power Leader 2016 by WCRC Leaders Asia.

Power Brands Global Award:
Oasis Tiles has been proudly presented the award of ‘India’s most Powerful Symbol of Brand Excellence’ at the ‘Power Brands Global London International Forum for Equality’ on 12th May, 2017 by Planman Media.

This is a subtle hint towards the satisfaction of the clients aimed at Oasis Tiles, one of the leading and most recommended floor tiles manufacturers.

Environmental Management System Certificate:
Oasis Tiles is not only a home designing brand but also an environment concerned brand.

Oasis Tiles has been presented with the certificate of Environmental Management System by German Cert. Co. Ltd. that certifies Oasis Tiles’ environment management system to be in line with ISO 14001:2004.

Fast 50 Award:
Oasis Tiles India has been certified and validated by consumers and industry as the ‘Consumers Choice Fast 50 Award’ which recognizes it as one of the fastest 50 brands growing in India under the category of ‘Infrastructure’.

Presented by ElSol Entertainment, this award justifies the claim of Oasis Tiles of being the fastest growing and one of the most approved floor tiles manufacturer in India.

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