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Oasis Tiles India - Your Tile Mentor

Sometimes, the choice of tiles and the colours of a room can be a difficult task, it is also one of the most important factor that affects the overall impact and look of your house.

Oasis Tiles, one of the leading ceramic tiles companies has made this easier with the huge range of tiles collections in all possible colours, patterns, shades and designs. With the plethora of tiles designed keeping your modern house in mind Oasis Tiles will provide you with the best support. Read on to know more:

1. Look And Purpose Of The Room:
The first step before you decide which tile to buy for your room. You should decide the purpose of that room thus, the overall look of the room. Details such as the usability and frequency of use and exposure to heat or moisture should be determined beforehand. Once you decide the colours to be used depending on the overall energy and ambience the room should carry, working on the contrast will help you narrow down the possibilities to a specific type of tiles.

2.Room Size And Furniture:
It is true that the size of a room affects the selection of tiles and vice versa. For a smaller room, picking larger tiles can make your room appear large. Moreover, using the same pattern of wall and floor tiles can not only give your room a very polished and elegant look but also visually makes your room appear more spacious. The amount and choice of furniture, too, affects your selection of tiles. In rooms with minimal and colourful furniture, a neutral palette of tiles can balance the colours while in a room with darker furniture, a patterned tile can add more character.

3.Natural Lighting And Contrast
The colour of a room plays a huge role in deciding the overall looks and ambience. The natural lighting of a room and the intended contrast determines the colour of the tiles to be used. In a well lit room with natural lighting either pale colours that bring out the polished effect of the tiles or a matte finish dark shades of the tiles that contrasts with the lighting of the room would suit well. On the other hand, in a room where sunlight seldom strikes, it would be wiser to use light and brighter shades and colours.

4.Classic Room Styles It is always wise to keep in mind the classic room styles while planning the elements in a room. A bathroom should always be airy and the colour palette in the kitchen should always be either warm or cool, depending on the overall style of the entire house. The tiles in the patio should be more towards the natural side and should probably have stone or grass-like effects that connects you to the outdoor spaces. If you are a fan of wooden flooring, Oasis Tiles offers an eco-friendly collection called Foresta which makes the perfect floor for your rooms. Wooden finish tiles or wooden strips usually fail to imitate nature appropriately but the strips that are developed under foresta hold deep ingrained wooden impression. If you prefer a wooden flooring, you can use Oasis Tiles wood-effect tiles that give the feel of real hardwood but are eco-friendly and easier to maintain as they can tolerate a better foot traffic.

5.Style Of The Entire House
After all, every room is a part of a house. The challenge is to make sure that each room maintains the style of the entire house. The room should not only reflect the style of your entire house but also be strong enough to individually stand as a masterpiece of choice and colours.

With this, you can refer the variety of our ceramic tiles collections and read more at Oasis Tiles to design and spark up the floor of your homes today.