Lavish lifestyles_ Digital Tiles by Oasis


Lavish lifestyles_ Digital Tiles by Oasis

With the introduction of the brand-new range of digital tiles, we have just up-ed the game of creating & designing lavish lifestyle homes.

What are digital tiles?
Yes, as absurd as the idea sounds, the final product will blow your mind away! These tiles are printed to perfection & their polished shine will light up your house & along with it, your smiles when you’d see guests awestruck by the minimal beauty below their feet.

New Range
For the perfect minimal look.
If your living room is a play of colors thrown here & there, the tiles from our new range will do a great job in calming the color range & giving your living room a very minimal & elegant look. Our tiles in the new range come in shades of white/grey (stavario pearl, nero caressi light) black & white with a negative space effect (new caressi black) & the classic yellow theme (bracia beige).

Stonella Range
For a bold & contrasting look.
The tiles from the stonella range perfectly go with any room that needs a bold but classy look. The furniture could be light or dull palette and these tiles would contrast any simplistic room/bold color palette.

More from the stonella collection:

  • Dark & Bold – Stonella Brown, Stonella Azul
  • Lighter Classy Look – Stonella
  • Beige Range

To add character to a room with simplistic furniture.

The pattern on these tiles will make sure your room doesn’t look plain boring or too simple. The tiles from the beige range add character to your room & perfectly complement any spacious flooring with least furniture.

More from the beige collection:

  • Daino Beige
  • Dyna Amaze
  • Fluence Beige

The digital glazed vitrified tiles are not only essential for beautifying your house but also because of their polished look yet sturdy quality. Serving as a perfect fit for every type of room, these digital glazed tiles are a game changer.

Get yours now & enjoy seeing your neighbors envious face.

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