Latest Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs


Basics of Bathroom Wall Tiles

On returning home from a stressful and eventful day, the first thing that pops up in our minds is to pamper ourselves with a relaxing and refreshing bath. Gone are the days when we correlated a bathroom merely with a cleansing and hygiene oriented activity for in the recent times, a bath has started being symbolic of leisure and self care. As it has recently been found out, a bath and the ambience of a bathroom has a significant impact on one’s mental health - a warm shower helps in relieving stress while a cold bath improves mood and mental alertness.

But What About The Overall Impression Your Bathroom Creates?
It has been proven scientifically that various colours, the overall atmosphere and lighting of a location greatly affect the perception one carries and the emotions one connects and perceives about a certain place, be it a locality, a room or even a small cosy corner of your house.

How To Make Sure Your Bathroom Looks Attractive Or Luxurious Enough?
The answer to this does not lie in expensive bathtubs or lavish mirrors and seats or aesthetic plants. The trick to transforming the look and the overall feel of any room lies in the play of colours, lighting and most importantly the patterns along with the choice of bathroom wall tiles.

Why Should One Pick Bathroom Wall Tiles Over Painted Bathroom Walls?
At any point of time, bathroom wall tiles will make sure you have more designs and choices available to customise your bathroom as compared to painted wall tiles. Paint can offer you some textures and different shades but nothing compares to a polished and aesthetic bathroom wall tile design that reflects light to make the room look larger, well illuminated and easy to clean since it absorbs less water.

How To Customise Your Bathroom And Select The Right Bathroom Wall Tiles?
The first step would be to decide the tone and the colour palette you would like to give to your bathroom. You could go for a completely neutral look that matches with the amenities of your bathroom equipments in which case the bathroom wall tiles could be any pale, pastel or neutral colour that would stand out and give more character and customisation to the bathroom. If you would want to try a more bold and different theme, you could go for dark, colourful and contrasting patterns like waves, flowers and anything else that reminds you of a relaxing and refreshing bath. Moreover, if your bathroom has a toilet along with the shower space, you can create a perception about separating both by using different bathroom wall tiles for both sections. Other tricks like using the same pattern of bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles can be used to make the bathroom look bigger. When it comes to customising your bathroom will Bathroom Wall Tiles within a budget, there is no limit to the possibilities and choices that Oasis Tiles offers you.

To customise your bathroom with the Bathroom Wall Tiles Collection by Oasis Tiles and gift yourself a luxurious bath that can help you de-stress and unwind, read more at Oasis Tiles.