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Over the years, kitchens have been modified with a variety of design elements for each part of the kitchen, and are equipped with state of the art technology that make a mother’s job a piece of cake. Kitchen is the sole part of the house where women spend their maximum time. It’s important that the necessary utilities are placed well and the design of the kitchen is such that can be cleaned easily. Another important aspect to keep in mind while designing the kitchen is the placement of lights. It not only plays a vital role when it comes to the look of the kitchen but also with the feasibility of using the kitchen during evenings.

Today, the kitchen colour palette holds plenty of versatility. With trendy colours including pastel pink, metallic grey, orange, yellows and of natural stone colours, you can now turn your kitchen into a spellbinding sight.

1. 21st Century Kitchen

This would be the perfect example to a classic modern kitchen. A combination of gorgeous dark brown wooden floor tiles matched with brown grenade tiles along with simple off-white plasters work as a charm to bring out an elegant and alluring kitchen set-up.  

2. Let Lighting Work It’s Charm

Sometimes, besides having a complimenting colour palette, it’s very important to create a design using natural light to bring out the depth and inner beauty of a space. Using subtle shades of off-white and light grey in harmony and allowing room for some natural light truly amplifies the beauty of a space.

3. Bringing Back The Old World Charm

Here’s a marvelous example of the old school kitchen from 1980s. The rustic brick walls, the wooden pale flooring, the wooden furniture and light colored utilities go together like a house of fire.


Here’s Oasis Tiles – India doing its best to make your space a masterpiece!

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