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Office spaces tend to play a major role in defining the culture of a company. Today, progressive companies encourage a work-life balance for their workforce. The equation always lies towards the work hours exceeding, so every companies aims at building an environment that aids the employees to feel at home even after long hours of work. An office space defines the culture and vibe of the company. There’s no perfection to it. It’s about putting tiles and bricks to an identity you’re trying to build. Giving life to an open space.

It’s highly important to have a seamless transition between work and home spaces so that your office space makes your employees feel comfortable at any time of the day. To do so, an office space requires a flexibility of colors and a variation of space decor that combine together into making an effective and lively office environment.

Aspero Collection by Oasis Tiles is one of our latest full body vitrified tiles collections that are the perfect fit for decorating offices and commercial spaces such as malls, galleries etc. Aspero Collection also possesses rock-solid strength, a long-lasting life and has a coating that provides an ease to walk in comparison to other tiles.

Here are some spellbinding designs from our Aspero Collection:

1. Toro Nero

The true beauty of a tile is best measured by how well it compliments a space and how it amplifies it’s aesthetic feel. Toro Nero is a grey matt vitrified tile that crowns the space with  an elegant appeal. The best advantage of Toro Nero is its ability to adapt into any space with any color palette. It’s matt and neat finish creates a character for the place that makes the space look bold.  


2. Onix Sahara

With tiles, it’s very important to identify if the tile blends well with every space of your office. Onix Sahara is one such tile that is designed with a subtle dust design with an off-white colour that never surprise you with its ability to refashion the space splendidly. This spectacular tile is one of the most ideal options for malls, hotels and gallery houses.


3. Doge Crema

Another captivating option for commercial spaces is Doge Crema. It’s subtle and well groomed finish brings focus to the attributes of the space and enhances the overall beauty of it. Doge Crema has an enchanting cream colour that fits best for spaces with lighter shades. For people who fancy a neat and crisp office space, Doge Crema works as a charm.


Aspero collection by Oasis Tiles will certainly help you find the spellbinding tile that you would like to have for your commercial spaces.

Explore our Aspero, full body vitrified tiles collection and bring out the true beauty of your space!  

Here’s Oasis Tiles – India doing its best to make your space a masterpiece.

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