Refashion Your Living Room with Oasis Tiles

Tiles are versatile products that offer unlimited possibilities for designing your home and giving it a soulful appeal. Over the years, innovation has allowed us to overwhelm you with a variety of enticing designs.

Living Rooms are the heart and soul of your homes as this is where the family unwinds together and spends their quality time. So, why not refashion it to be the most appealing space of your home?

Introducing some of our most enchanting tiles, that’ll sway your heart away!

1.The Encaustic Beauty

Encaustic Tiles have become one of the most popular tile trends across the world. Over the years, the trend towards multi-colour tiles has faded away, moving up the ladder to having tiles that hold a rugged vintage appeal. Suppressed clay on a concrete surface or having a wooden rugged texture on a flat surface brings back the old world charm that compliments the space to make it look mystically elegant.

2.Rugged & Raw

In today’s time, no one prefers to have subtle plain colours or flat surface tiles. 2018 is all about the rustic looks and unique textured designs. Natural slate tiles are crowned to be the finest textured tiles available across the world. It creates a natural rugged feel and aesthetically brings out with hues of the tile, overwhelming anyone that glances at it. If you fancy having the most unique style for your home, natural slate tiles are one of the most ideal options for you.

3.Modular Marble 

The use of modular multi-sized layouts has also moved up the aisle over the years. Here’s where different sizes of tiles are used to create an interesting pattern that creates an unconventional look. These tiles are a way of breaking up a traditional floor tile grid, helping inject a new splendid personality into a floor space! Particularly popular with stone tiles, modular marble flooring is one of the most applauded tiles options when it comes to redesigning living rooms.

4.The Grey Effect

Grey metallic flooring has become one of the highlight trends of 2018. One of the most vital benefits of grey flooring is that it adapts to any kind of space and set-up, enhancing its beauty. Concrete floor tiles carry a charm of syncing into any colour palette rejuvenating the space seamlessly into looking gorgeous. You will certainly have your eyeful with the grey effect in your living room.


As you can now see, the options available for decorating your living room are endless. You can now have any kind of look for your living room effortlessly. Our recommendation to you is to surf through our collection of captivating tiles, pick the one that lights up your heart, and refashion your living room into the exquisite masterpiece that it should be.  


Here’s Oasis Tiles – India doing its best to make your space a masterpiece.

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